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On Twitter, Sâmia Bomfim (PSOL) announced this Sunday, 05, that she will run for São Paulo’s City Hall with the trans reverend Alexya Salvador as vice-mayor. Alexya, that is currently 39, joined PSOL in 2017. She is a shepherdess in Metropolitan Community Church (ICM) that, opposite to the other evangelical churches, is inclusive for LGBT+. She is the first trans reverend of a christian church in Latin America.

“I’m really happy to announce that the Revered @AlexyaSalvadoraccepted my invitation and, with me, now is a pre candidate to vice-mayor of SP.” Woman, trans, black, mom, peripheral, teacher, christian, for PSOL. A big power that makes me confident and happy.”, wrote Sâmia in her micro-blog.

Alexya went to the Catholic church as a gay man until the age of 28, went to seminars, and wanted to become a priest.
Alexya went to catholic church as a gay man until she was 28, she attended the seminar and wanted to be a priest – Exposure

São Paulo endorses a law to fine and close LGBTphobic establishments.

In January, the mayor Bruno Covas endorsed law number 17.304 in defense to LGBT community, law that reaffirms the city commitment with inclusion and respect to diversity and punishes LGBTphobic acts. According to the law, created by Reis and Sâmia Bomfim, any form of descrimination because of sexual orientation or gender identity is forbidden.

The endorsed law not only punishes firms, but people who discriminate with physical and verbal violence against LGBT+ people. Any kind of violent, embarrassing, intimidating action against LGBTs can be punished and fined including LGBTphobic posts on social networks or any other media, advertisements that induce discrimination, prejudice, hatress or violence because of someone’s sexual orientation.

There are lots of cases of companies that are still LGBTphobia with clients or with employees, some of these cases are highlighted in the media and social networks, others are solved only by law. No que depender da prefeitura de São Paulo, empresas que cometerem atos LGBTfóbicos contra consumidores ou empregados poderão ter alvará de funcionamento cassado. The São Paulo City Hall promises that companies that have LGBTphobic acts against costumers or emplyees can have their licenses suspended.

The law says that, at first, people and/or companies can be adverted, fined and, if there is a relapse, the company can be suspended or even have its license canceled.

See the discriminating cases that are considered by law 17.301 below.

– To practice any kind of violent, embarassing, intimidating or vexatory action.

– To forbid the entering or permanence in any public or private environment or establishment that the public has access to;

– To pratice selected attendance that is not determined by the law;

– To disregar, overtax or forbid the accommodation in hotels, motels, inns or similar;

– To disrgard, overtax, or forbit the location, purchase, acquisition, lease or loan of movable and immoval property of any purpose;

– To practice direct or indirect firing acts because of the employee’s sexual orientation;

– To inhibit or prohibit the admission or professional access in any public or private place because of their professional sexual orientation;

– To restrict the access or usage of public transportation, such as buses, subways, trains, taxis and similar;

– To refuse, deny, avoid or complicate the inscription or entrance of a student in a public or private educational institution of any level;

– To practice, induce or incite, for the social communication means or publication of any kind, the discrimination, prejudice or violence acts practice or coercion against any person because of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity;

– To fabricate, commercialize, distribute or join symbols, emblems, ornaments, distinctive, or propaganda that incite or induce discrimination, prejudice, hatred, or violence based on the person’s sexual orientation.

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