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Two transsexuals are among the ten most voted councilors in São Paulo in 2020, accounted for G1 this Monday (16).

With 99% of the ballots counted, Erika Hilton (PSOL) had 50,447 votes and Thammy Miranda (PL), son of singer Gretchen, had 43,297 votes. They will compose the City Hall from 2021.

In 6th place, Erika Hilton was the most voted woman, and Thammy was in 9th place.

Human rights activist Erika Hilton celebrated her victory on a social network.

“We won! With 99% of the polls cleared it is already possible to say: black and trans woman elected the most voted councilor in town! Feminist, anti-racist, LGBT and PSOL. The first in history! With more than 50 thousand votes. Thanks!”, wrote.

Erika Hilton/Reproduction

Thrilled, Thammy Miranda also celebrated the victory on a social network. On video, he thanked the votes, apologizing for the crying face and disheveled hair, caused, according to him, by the celebration.

“When I decided to apply, I knew that the challenge was great and the way to win over people who want a representative in the City Council with courage and courage. But finally that day came and I can only say that it was all worth it. Is my duty to repay all of this to you. Now a new time begins, a new cycle in my life and I will show that I am a person who takes care of people. Thank you so much. Forgive my crying face, my hair disheveled. We were celebrating a lot here. My mandate will be participatory, collaborative, this is a mandate that you will participate with me. I love you all. “

Thammy Miranda/ Reproduction

The 10 most voted councilors:

Eduardo Suplicy (PT)

Milton Leite (DEM)

Delegado Palumbo (MDB)

Felipe Becari (PSD)

Fernando Holiday (Patriot)

Erika Hilton (PSOL)

Roberto Tripoli (PV)

Silvia Da Bancada Feminista (PSOL)

Thammy Miranda (PL)

André Santos (Republicans)

This article is also available in: Português Español

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