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The Federal Police arrested on the morning of June 22 the former Minister of Education Milton Ribeiro, arround 7 am according to the concierge of the building where he lives. He is being investigated for the crimes of passive corruption, prevarication, administrative advocacy and influence peddling for alleged involvement in a scheme to release MEC funds.

The lawyer who defends the former minister, Daniel Bialski, He said the arrest of Milton Ribeiro is mistaken because “there is no concrete reason”. Despite this, an audio released in March shows Ribeiro stating that President Jair Bolsonaro asked him that the municipalities indicated by the two pastors receive priority in the release of funds. The mayors said in a statement that they demanded bribes.

In addition, the Federal Police also investigates Milton Ribeiro by favoring pastors Gilmar Santos and Arilton Moura for the release of ministry funds, and there is also suspicion of collection of bribes. The inquiry was opened when the State of São Paulo revealed, in March, the existence of a “parallel office” within the MEC controlled by evangelical pastors.

Former Bolsonaro minister who said gays are from misfit families is arrested for corruption

“It was a special request that the President of the Republic made to me on the issue of [pastor] Gilmar. Because my priority is to serve first the municipalities that need more and, second, meet all who are friends of Pastor Gilmar”, said the former minister.

There are also records from the Office of Institutional Security that there were dozens of accesses by the two pastors to the offices of the Presidential Palace. Bolsonaro said in a video that he could “put his face on the fire” for Ribeiro and that the allegations before him were cowardice. However, he said on Wednesday that Ribeiro should answer for any irregularity.

“He is accountable for his actions. If the PF arrested him, it has motive”, said Bolsonaro to Radio Itatiaia.

In September 2020, Milton Ribeiro told Estadão that the “teenager who often chooses to walk the path of homosexuality (sic) does so because he does not have his father’s attention, he does not have his mother’s attention”. In March of the following year, when he testified to the Federal Police, he said that he “did not want to disrespect anyone”.

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