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Through a live on the Instagram of Mauricio Severo on the last 02, Léo Áquilla, commentator of the popular TV show “A tarde é sua”, spoke about curiosities about his career, motherhood and personal plans.

Mother of two, Áquilla said that one of them is biological, Vitor, the result of a relationship with a cis woman during the time he attended the Renascer Church, when he felt pressured to prove that his homosexuality had been “cured”. Léo said that he agreed to have his son with a friend who knew about his sexual orientation at the time and, on that first and only time that another woman had sexual intercourse, Vitor was born.

A artista também comentou sobre a dificuldade que passou por temer o preconceito de outros pais: “When they were seven years old I was already known as a drag queen, Léo Áquilla. I never went to pick them up at school, for example. On Father’s Day, I couldn’t go because I didn’t want anyone to know. I instructed them not to tell anyone that they were my children, and they never said ”.

Leonora Áquilla said that her biological son is heterosexual and the adoptive is gay. The presenter also said that she considers having another biological child, but this time with her husband, Chico Campadello, collecting the semen from both of them for the pregnancy attempt of twins using two embryos with eggs from the same donor, which would be the “surrogacy” rental “. The two embryos would be implanted in the same pregnant woman to attempt twins. However, Léo is not sure if this is the time for this, but that his true dream has always been to have a girl.

Watch the live in full:

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