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On this 15th of February, four years ago the transvestite Dandara Kettley was murdered in Fortaleza, Ceará. The date was recalled on the official channel of the National Agency for Transvestites and Transsexuals (ANTRA) on Instagram, which posted a documentary about her on the social network itself.

In 2017, transvestite Dandara dos Santos was beaten after suffering humiliation, physical and psychological violence. At the end of the torture, Dandara was lifted by her attackers and placed in a wheelbarrow. Subsequently, he received two shots and a strong blow to the head, dying of head trauma. The scenes were recorded on video and posted on social networks by criminals.

Twelve people reportedly participated in the crime, seven adults and five teenagers. In a trial on April 5, 2018, Francisco José Monteiro, 22, known as Chupa Cabra, was sentenced, who was sentenced to 21 years in prison for being the author of two shots at the victim.

“Today it is 4 years since the brutal murder of Dandara. We are still without effective responses from the state to face these violence and Ceará is among the states that most murder transgender people in the country. No public policy has been devised so far in order to eradicate the murder of trans people or to collect data on this type of violence. We will continue in mourning, in the struggle! “, Wrote ANTRA on Instagram.

Documentary “Dandara”

The documentary above was made by two journalists from the newspaper “O Estado de Minas” who covered the case. The short film was shown at the 25th MixBrasil Festival and won the Canal Brasil Incentive Award for Short Films.

Synopsis: The brutal murder of transvestite Dandara Kataryne could be limited to a statistic in the country that kills the most transvestites and transsexuals. However, the case gained repercussion with the dissemination, on social networks and applications, of videos recorded by the aggressors themselves. Dandara’s friends and relatives bring the untold story about the case that opened up transphobic violence in Brazil.


  • MOVIE (ENGLISH): Dandara
  • COUNTRY: Brazil (Belo Horizonte / MG and Fortaleza / CE)
  • YEAR: 2017
  • DURATION: 14 ′
  • DIRECTORS: Flávia Ayer, Fred Bottrel
  • CAST: Francisca Ferreira, Ricardo Vasconcelos, Estelina Beviláqcua, Vitória Holanda / SCREENPLAY: Flávia Ayer, Fred Bottrel / PHOTOGRAPHY: Fred Bottrel / EDITING: Fred Bottrel / SOUND: Fred Bottrel / PRODUCTION: Flávia Ayer, Fred Bottrel, Marcelo Oliveira, Rafael Alves
Mourning: 4 years of the brutal murder of transvestite Dandara

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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