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Canadian Jamie Alexander (46) developed a brand called RUBIES, which specializes in swimwear such as bikinis and swimsuits for trans and non-binary children. The inspiration came from her daughter, a 12-year-old trans girl named Ruby Alexander, who didn’t have the right clothes for her.

According to Alexander, he was concerned that trans and non-binary girls would stop doing the activities they loved, such as swimming, dancing or practicing gymnastics because they did not have a certain outfit, such as bikinis, that would meet their needs.

“This is not a theory. These children are not comfortable stopping to go places and do things. It is not fair. It is important that all children maintain their activities and health”Alexander told The Times of Israel channel.

Her daughter Ruby also helps her father in business and celebrates: “I like to work with my father. I’m learning real-world skills, like expenses, costs and customer service. I model the products “.

Child inspires father to create bikinis and swimsuits for trans people

When Alexander was asked about his daughter’s gender transition, he said it all came naturally.

“It was not a shock to us when she decided on the transition, because the process was really gradual over six years and we had time to get used to it” – he said.

Although the family lives in Toronto, considered a very “open-minded” place, Ruby reports that she suffers cases of transphobia from some schoolmates.

“But it’s their problem”, she said, also endorsing that she has many friends. The girl also comments that going public and exposing her trans identity, especially in the RUBIES promotional materials, gives a feeling that mixes happiness and a little anxiety.

“That [expor que é uma menina trans] took a huge weight off my back” – he said.

Alexander says that even though they are a commercial corporation, they send products free of charge to trans children who demonstrate that they cannot afford to buy.

“This is a commercial enterprise, but it also has a huge social element” – he said – “More importantly, I would like to inspire others to do something for these children” – he adds.

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