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British publication Gay Times, founded in 1984, chose Bahian singer Majur, 25, to stamp the cover of her most recent digital version, officially on the air since last Wednesday.

Majur at Gay Times - Reproduction
Majur at Gay Times – Reproduction

With an exclusive photo essay, the magazine presented the Brazilian in the editorial under the title “Majur: Meet the Brazilian artist breaking new ground” (in free translation: “Majur: Meet the Brazilian artist breaking new ground”), where the singer approached work “AmarElo”, feat with Emicida and Pabllo Vittar, asked about Salvador’s Carnival, his faith in the Orixás and declared his admiration for Djavan, Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Whitney Houston, James Brown and Grace Jones.

When asked about growing up in Salvador, Majur said she had a simple education: “It was just me and my mother, Luziane. She took care of me; I was very young when my father left. She used to make money by recycling garbage. Often I ended up helping her too. Today I realize everything she went through. She told me helped to love me the way I was”.

During an interview, the Bahian singer also commented on the high rate of violence against trans people nowadays: “I know there are people who are afraid because Brazil is one of the countries that kills the most LGBTQIA+ in the world. But we still have to have courage and make ourselves heard. There is no other option”.

“Having the opportunity to express myself, as a black and trans artist, in a very repressive society, is a privilege that I want to use forever. My body, my existence, is already a political statement in a society that does not celebrate our community. Not being afraid to gather and celebrate our value is a form of resistance. My voice, my music, is what gives me life “, finished.

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Majur took POC AWARDS in 2019 for the feat in “AmarElo”

Majur with the Poc Awards trophy
Majur with the Poc Awards trophy

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