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Created in 2004, the Trans Visibility Day promotes awareness of the rights of the community and amplifies the voices of trans people. On YouTube, you can find several examples of creators who have found space to promote discussions about gender identity and educate on the topic, in addition to addressing other topics such as music, makeup, food and others.

To celebrate the date, Youtube Brasil selected some trans youtubers who share their daily lives and experiences:

Lucca Najar

Lucca Najar is a trans man, videomaker and youtuber with over 150 thousand subscribers. On his eponymous channel, he shares content on transsexuality, behavior, fashion and self-care.

Mandy Candy

Amanda Guimarães, better known as Mandy Candy, has been producing content since 2015. A trans woman, Mandy shares her experiences in the fight for the rights of women and the LGBTQIA+ community. Beauty, behavior, female empowerment, geek culture and games are constant themes in their networks.

Bryanna Nasck

YouTuber, gamer and entrepreneur, Bryanna has been discussing on her channel since 2011 complex issues such as gender, sexuality and mental health in a simple and humorous way, in addition to sharing her routine.


The creator Luca Scarpelli talks about his transition and shares with his more than 170 thousand subscribers issues of his day-to-day life, with videos on mental health, empowerment, care for intimate areas, and also invites other people from the LGBTQIA+ community for conversations .


For four years, the influencer Thiessa Woinbackk has divided her personal life, interests and experience as a trans woman to more than 770 thousand followers on her channel, created in 2016.

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