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The actress and playwright Renata Carvalho (40), who gained repercussion by interpreting Jesus transvestite and won the POC Awards in 2019 in the category “Artivist of the Year”, was one of the 20 selected for her work focused on the issue of the transsexual body, winning an international scholarship in the amount of US$ 7 thousand, which will be converted into about R$ 36 thousand. The information comes from G1.

The international scholarship came for an indication by dancer Lia Rodrigues, who put it on the project founded by Carvalho, “National Movement of Trans Artists (Monart)”.

With the money, Renata Carvalho says that for the first time she will have a “year of tranquility”, allowing her not to worry about the simpler expenses. “Especially at this moment, where it is very difficult to act in art and be a transvestite in Brazil”.


Carvalho was thrown out of her home as a teenager and fell into compulsory prostitution, paying bills with temporary jobs in a salon, but remained in the theater. She formally takes over the dramaturgy in 2018, but she says that there is no certain date, as “she always did without assuming to be”.

When she went through “perception”, a word she prefers to use instead of transition, Renata moved away from the stage but continued to act behind the scenes as a director, screenwriter and playwright.

“My body was too feminine for male roles. The transvestite body is censored and expelled from everywhere. Having a job within art, permanently, is a constant struggle”, says the actress.

Monart was founded in March 2017 and within it there is the “Trans Manifesto Representativity”, which aims at trans artists to interpret trans characters and for artistic collectives to include trans bodies within the spaces of creation.

“Today we are more than 100 artists at MONART. After 3 years there is a clear change in the arts and how much we see trans artists on stages, series, soap operas … Music was also a great driver, we have trans in music that are incredible and full of talent. “ – he said, in an interview with Gay Blog BR.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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