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The country duo Pedro Motta e Henrique generated controversy for the song Lili, released on December 19th, due to the lyrics widely considered transphobic. In response, the music streaming platform Deezer Brazil said that it had removed the music from the platform, arguing that it does not agree with the transphobia.

Deezer‘s position was praised by the National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (ANTRA) on Instagram:

“It is urgent to break with the dehumanization of trans people and the pact they made against us. It is in this type of positioning and anti-transphobia action that we believe. We hope that more companies will position themselves and artists, including LGBTI, too. Say no to transphobia! Respect the transphobia! transvestites! “.

As for the lyrics, the song tells of a man who falls in love with a woman, but who feels cheated because she is a transvestite.

“After a month of passionate dating, deluded and silly dating in a motel crying devastated I just found out that I was deceived / Now I understand why she didn’t want to make love, a female voice, a soft skin deceived me so well / After from a drunken binge, she gave herself up, only she didn’t have what a woman has / Ô, Lili, ô, Lili, why did you lie to me? O, Lili, ô, Lili, my love is a transvestite”. – says the lyrics.

After the negative repercussion, they both manifested themselves with a video on Instagram denying that they were “homophobic” and that they were just “making fun”: “We are here to make something clear. They are calling us homophobic [sic]. Guys, not at all! You have never heard that Pedro Motta and Henrique is [sic] homophobic, Pedro Motta and Henrique is making fun of the person “.

After the video was published, the duo’s account became private, as both were criticized for using the wrong nomenclature for the proposed situation. The aforementioned ANTRA said that the attempt to “joke” the lyrics is an incentive to the deaths of the trans population.

“You may not know it, but Brazil is the country that kills the most transvestites in the world for hatred, which is often encouraged by this type of joke of extreme bad taste. We are available for dialogue. And our recommendation is you already cancel the release and promotion, because the music is blatantly discriminatory “ – the association said in a note.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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