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The Fortaleza City Council approved a project that calls a street in the Bom Jardim neighborhood of Dandara Ketley, reports G1. Transvestite Dandara dos Santos was murdered by a group of young people in February 2017. The crime was recorded and shared on social networks and generated national and international repercussions.

According to the Legislative Decree, the proposal is, with this memory and homage, to raise awareness of the need for public policies that promote the protection and citizenship of all. The project was designed by councilman Ronivaldo Maia (PT).

For Mitchele Meira, of the Brazilian League of Lesbians and the Cearense LGBT Forum, memory is an important source so that the atrocities against populations historically discriminated against in society are not repeated again.


“The Dandara case cannot be forgotten, it is symbolic and fair to remember what happened in the form of tribute and resistance, so the LGBTI community thanks and supports this action”, he told G1.

According to data from National Association of Transvestites and Transsexuals (Antra), Ceará is the second state with the most deaths of trans people in the period from January to October 31, 2020, with 19 cases, behind only São Paulo, which registered 21 transvestite and transsexual murders in the same period.

Remember the case

According to the newspaper O Povo, on February 15, 2017, Dandara dos Santos was beaten by at least ten people, including teenagers and adults. After suffering humiliation, physical and psychological violence, all recorded on video that was published on social networks, Dandara is lifted by her attackers and placed in a wheelbarrow.

Twelve people reportedly participated in the crime, seven adults and five teenagers. In a trial on April 5, 2018, Francisco José Monteiro, 22, known as Chupa Cabra, was sentenced, who was sentenced to 21 years in prison for being the author of two shots at the victim.

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