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This Friday, MTV presented the identity of the 12 participants that make up the season 2 of “De Férias Com Ex Brasil:Celebs”. The new season, recorded in a mansion in the paradisiacal Ilhabela, on the São Paulo coast, will have its debut date announced soon and the exhibitions are confirmed, simultaneously, on MTV and on Amazon Prime Video.

Tarso Brant – Disclosure
Tarso Brant – Reproduction

As previously announced by GAY BLOG BR, the attraction will feature the first trans participant, the actor Tarso Brant. In addition to Tarso, the program will feature two gays (Rico Melquíades and Matheus Pasquarelli) and a bisexual (Marina Gregory, who participated in the reality show “The Circle”).

Rico Melquíades
Rico Melquíades – Disclosure
Matheus Pasquarelli
Matheus Pasquarelli – Disclosure
Marina Gregory
Marina Gregory – Disclosure

Also in the season are Caíque Gama, Day Camargo, Gabily, Ingrid Ohara, Marina Gregory, Matheus Pasquarelli and Neguin, in addition to veterans of the program Lary Bottino (Season 4), Maju Mazalli (Season 2) and Pedro Ortega (Season 2).

The idea of the reality show is to interrupt the participants vacations, at any time, with the unwanted arrival of someone from the past. With new dynamics and unprecedented musical participation, which will be announced soon, the dreaded “Tablet of Terror” continues in this edition.

Season complete cast – Disclosure


MTV Brazil’s target audience is young people, mainly in the age group of 15 and 30 years old – almost half of the channel’s audience is made up of people from 18 to 34 years old. MTV is the top of mind of young Brazilians: it brings together a varied and multi-connected program, as well as the profile of its viewers. In Brazil alone, there are more than 15 million households with a potential impact of approximately 47 million people. The MTV brand is present on several digital platforms:Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, Spotify, Snapchat and Rede Music. Local productions such as the reality television series De Férias com Ex Brasil are part of the channel’s programming grid, featuring MTV Hits, which brings news from the world of music – in addition to reality shows, series and international animations. Originally produced in Brazil, the reality Adotada was nominated for the Emmy International® 2016 in the category “Non-Scripted Entertainment Program”. MTV also features hits from ViacomCBS International portfolio, such as Geordie Shore and Just Tattoo Of Us, in addition to the best of the channel’s global content, dubbed in Portuguese and with subtitled options. Providing relevant experiences to young people, bringing to Brazil major events that the brand does in other countries, such as MTV MIAW, is one of MTV goals. Since August 2018, the MTV Live HD channel premiered in the country, exclusively at the cabo station, Claro, complementing the ViacomCBS portfolio in the region.

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