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This week, we invited urologist Leonardo Lins to clarify some questions from readers involving circumcision and sensitivity – and how it affects pleasure or not. To send questions to the column, write to

I take a long time to ejaculate and it sometimes bothers some partners, I was wondering if taking a long time to come is a lack of pleasure?

No. Delaying to ejaculate or having an orgasm does not mean lack of pleasure. There are people who have more control over ejaculation or need more stimulation or a certain pattern of stimulation to get “there”. The charge in relation to the ejaculatory time of each person should be avoided, and a good dialogue helps to understand the best way to stimulate your partner. Furthermore, it is not just the end of sex that matters, the path there is also equally important for both. If this topic becomes a problem for the couple, the ideal is to look for a trained professional to help you.

My penis has no foreskin, can this explain the lack of sensitivity in the glans?

Individuals who do not have a foreskin because they have undergone postectomy or circumcision (surgery to remove the foreskin) may experience decreased glans sensitivity when compared to the period prior to surgery. This is because the exposed mucosa of the penis, over time and with friction, undergoes a keratinization process, that is, it becomes less thin and this slightly desensitizes the touch receptors. It is not that the complete loss of sensation occurs, but it certainly becomes less intense.


I have been circumcised since I was a child, is it true that there is already cosmetic surgery capable of reconstructing (placing) a foreskin?

No. There is no surgical procedure for placing the foreskin. Removing the foreskin is irreversible. When surgery is performed in adulthood, a good conversation with the surgeon before the procedure helps to manage the patient’s expectations regarding the postoperative aesthetic result. The health benefits of circumcision or postectomy are numerous, but for those who live very well with the foreskin, not needing its removal.

Dr. Leonardo Lins on Instagram: @urologia_diversidade

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