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In an interview with UOL News, this Wednesday (20) the governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), spoke about the repercussion in the political environment after having publicly declared himself gay.

Questioned by the columnist of UOL, Tales Faria, if the fact that he talked about his sexuality “brings votes or takes votes”, the governor said: “I think it should neither bring nor take. Honestly, I think it should be a non-issue”.. According to Leite, he never denied his sexuality or tried to create a character to convince people.

The governor of Rio Grande do Sul continued: “At least, since I accepted myself and understood myself – because I’m also a human being created within a context, who tried to convince me that this was something wrong – and since the moment I understand that it’s nothing wrong , that I accept myself and live this”.

Eduardo Leite at “Uol News” (Photo: Reproduction)

Still in response to the columnist, Leite said that he decided to talk about his sexuality due to some jokes he received from other politicians. “I talked about it because a lot of opponents try, or have tried, to use it as jokes, insinuations, trying to make me believe I had something to hide. And I have nothing to hide!”, he declared.

“[…] they have to hide, who have rachadinha, who have mensalão, who have so many other things that they hide in politics. […] My personal life touches my life, but it was important to bring this topic up and I’m happy that, somehow, it touched the lives of many people who became sensitive”, complemented the governor.

Leite also said that he received reports, after publicly declaring his sexuality, from people who reconciled and brought this discussion to the family nucleus. “[…] it was an opportunity to help some people, who knows, to accept themselves better”, he told.

At the end of his speech, the governor of Rio Grande do Sul reaffirmed that his sexual orientation should be a “no issue”. “Honestly, the polls are saying that, for most of the population, it’s not an issue”, concluded.

(Photo: Reproduction)

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