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The SCRUFF Responds column received new questions after the publication of the article with answers to readers about circumcision and lack of sensitivity. Gently, urologist Leonardo Lins accepted the invitation to clarify about postectomy and foreskin.

Doctor clarifies readers about postectomy and foreskin

I have a little big foreskin, is it possible to get very wet in this region and I have some kind of disease? I read that we can get candidiasis. It is true?

Individuals who are not circumcised and who have the foreskin covering all or part of the glans may have a warmer and more humid local environment. Heat and humidity are risk factors for the development of infections caused by fungi. Therefore, for these people the tip is always after bathing or after urinating, exposing the glans and drying well.

I am not circumcised and I have so much sensitivity that sexual intercourse is painful. How can I solve this?

In this case, it is necessary to evaluate exactly why the pain during sex. It may be due to genital hypersensitivity, but they may have other associated causes, such as, for example, the short foreskin brake. In both, postectomy (foreskin removal surgery) can help. However, the urologist’s evaluation is essential in diagnosing and conducting treatment.

How to recover the sensitivity of the glans for those who did the postectomy?

After postectomy, a keratinization process occurs that makes the mucosa of the glans less thin and therefore less sensitive. This process is irreversible and we are unable to prevent it. It is worth remembering that the fact that the mucosa of the glans is thicker and more exposed, protects it from chronic local inflammations, in addition to reducing the recurrence of some infections, such as HPV and genital herpes. Therefore, a good conversation with the urologist before surgery is necessary to manage the patient’s expectations and inform him accordingly. One way to try to increase the sensitivity is through topical gels that heat up or cool down in the region, the kind you buy at sexshop or over the internet.

Dr. Leonardo Lins on Instagram: @urologia_diversidade

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