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He is an actor and dancer, but the general public knows Vittor Fernando, 26, as the influencer of the moment, or better saying, the guy who makes hilarious videos of a few seconds using filters that change the shape of the face and voice. The idea of recording everyday situations with various characters came about by chance, when Fernando was unemployed and without prospects in the face of a pandemic that had just begun.

The initiative, by chance, worked. His first video went viral quickly, and the young boy became known on the platforms in the blink of an eye. Today, Vittor Fernando accumulates more than 4.8 million followers on Tik Tok and Instagram around 2.5 million.

Vittor Fernando - Credit: Gustavo Lima
Vittor Fernando – Credit: Gustavo Lima

Nominated in the “Icon of the Year” category at the 2020 Poc Awards with five other names, the influencer took the trophy with 35% of the public’s votes.

In an exclusive interview with GAY BLOG BR, Vittor Fernando spoke about the issues that permeate today:

How did you react when you learned that you had won the Poc Awards trophy? What awards have you won, both as a content producer and as an actor?

I was so happy! I didn’t expect to receive so much affection! The award is so beautiful, it is an honor to be honored like this by the people who follow me! Thank you very much for the nomination, for the people who voted, the creators, it is very satisfying to see your work recognized and with visibility, thank you, it encourages me too much! And last year, as a tiktoker, I won the award for “Best Tiktoker” by Contigo, and “Best National Tiktoker” by Todateen.

Was being successful so quickly part of your plans or was it a surprise? What is it like to live a sudden fame?

It was never part of my plans! I started creating content for the Internet without the intention of working with it, despite working with art. And things happened so fast! I really didn’t imagine! As we are in isolation, I end up getting more affection on the Internet, but in the few moments that I leave people recognize me, ask for a photo and this is still very new, the penny is still dropping of all this madness! (Laugh)

Before you went viral, did you ever have the idea of other online projects that didn’t
work? What was your professional dream of being an actor?

I had never had the opportunity to do a online project! My dream as a professional actor was to conquer my space and be able to work and live from my profession! Fame was never the focus, but to do what I love and be able to support myself, which is a little difficult in Brazil, being an artist (laughs).

Do you think about creating characters using other filters that distort voice and face – or even not using filters? Did you have any specific reason for choosing the filter that made you famous?

The filter characters ended up being born naturally, it was not even thought of! Nowadays they have some characteristics of their own and I love being able to bring them to life and create this universe of characters (laughs)! Everything ended up happening, I didn’t have a specific reason! But yes, I have several different projects, without filters, but no spoilers!

Most of your videos depict hilarious everyday situations, have you been through them all or are most of them the result of your creativity?

I’ve been through many situations! But many are also from what I observe, from what I have already experienced! It turns out that I always identify myself, somehow!

And the day that lacks creativity, is there? How does your creative process work?

Oh, this is super normal! As I have been working with art for a long time, I know that we are not always 100% creative, a lot happens in our personal lives, in adult life! So, it is part of the game, I try to deliver my best ever! But I usually write down all the ideas I have, just for those moments! So I go to my notebook and check out the ideas I already had!

Have you made yet a lot of money? How do you spend?

A lot, I don’t know! What’s a lot? (Laugh)! But yes, I am making some cash to support myself, help my family, conquer some things that maybe were not so close to being accomplished before. Everything is alright!

Haters exist? How do you position yourself with malicious comments?

They always exist, right? I have already positioned myself in some ways, I am still figuring all out! But I have received few hates so far! But I always try to ignore and continue to dance by the music!

Is participate the BBB something you would like?

I am always asked that and I never know what to answer! I think I would only be able to really feel and think about it if I received the invitation (laughs), but I think it is just like that to be able to put it on the scale if it is really what you want, if you are prepared, you know? I’m a big fan of BBB, but I would reflect a lot because of the huge exposure! But if you invite me, we can think (laughs)!

And who are your favorite in this BBB 21?

I don’t have a favorite yet, everything changes so fast in there! But I’m always cheering on the evictions, whoever I want to stay, I’m doing it this way! But I still haven’t decided who is my favorite!

And where does Vittor Fernando want to go professionally? Soap, auditorium
program or focus on the online?

Look, Vittor Fernando wants to get to so many places! All that you mentioned and even more, I want to take my art to many people, use my space and my recognition consciously, and be able to share the best of me!

And what are your post-pandemic plans?

Oh, look, I just want this vaccine soon! But for the post-pandemic I know that I want to travel a lot, to meet other places, new people, that’s what I want most! I loved talking to you so much! Thank you very much for the affection, for the exchange, for the prize! I wish you much success, a big kiss!

Poc Awards Trophy, Icon of the Year category – Photo: GAY BLOG BR

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