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Pre-candidate for city counselor in São Paulo for PSB party, Agripino Magalhães (40) is a militant that never rests in the social network. He is always ready to sue any citizen that has a LGBTphobic speech, from Neymar to Malafaia. After the day of the interview below, Agripino told us that on 01/09/2020 he is going to denounce the makeup artist Agustin Fernandez to São Paulo’s Public Ministry for hatred through Eduardo Bolsonaro’s Youtube channel.

Thammy Miranda and Agripino Magalhães (Reproduction)
Thammy Miranda and Agripino Magalhães (Reproduction)
How did your involvement in LGBTI+ activism happen?

I have big LGBTI+ leaders as examples.

You are a counselor pre-candidate in São Paulo. Why did you decide to become a candidate? Is it the first time?

It’s not the first time. I decided to be a candidate because only through a true LGBTI+ the LGBTI+ projects can leave the paper.

The first judicial action that you created against a famous person was against Neymar, which had audio with homophobic insults to his ex-step-father? And how is that situation? You had asked for indigenization of 2 million dollars in the occasion, right? What do you intend to do with the money, if you win it?

Yes, it was the first time with a famous person. The action is currently going on; if I win, I intend to donate the money to host houses for LGBTI+ people that are sent away from their homes and others in street situations.

You said that you’ve even received many death threats through the social network because of that. Have you ever had a fearful situation in public places?

I’ve been through some fearful situations; two people in a bike almost ran me over, I also was physically assaulted.

On July 30th, you said that you decided to join a criminal action against Silas Malafaia because of transphobic comments that he did against Thammy Miranda. Could you give us more details about this action and about the process?

The Action is happening and Silas Malafaia himself will have to deal with justice.

You also said that you have an action against Carlos Alberto da Silva, “Mendigo” in the program Pânico, because of some LGBTphobic declarations of this. Could you contextualize the public about the declarations that he made? And again the question: how is the process?

I’ve received the screenshots in my Instagram.

Is it through that he got in touch with you saying lots of bad things after you had announced that you would sue him?


Recently, you’ve said that opened a crime report homotransphobic against the ex axé singer Nethinho. What had the singer said at the time? And how is the process?

He said that LGBTI+ people thought with their “asses”.

On the 18th, you said that made a report to the São Paulo’s Public Ministry to the presenter Antonia Fontenelle and the singer Netinho because of racism, hatred incitement, LGBTphobia and “exposure to racism”. Could you give us more details about this racism accusation? What was said?

She talked about racism, commenting on the song “Nega do Cabelo Duro“, saying that they were living in watched freedom, because they couldn’t comment about the song.

You’ve moved judicial actions against five people of the big media. I’ve read some comments on the internet saying that you were suing these people to try to auto promote yourself, does it bother you?

It bothers me, that’s why I’ve been fighting it for more than 20 years. A year ago LGBTI+ wasn’t a crime in the Penal Code, today it is; we’ve been quiet for so long, today we can’t do this anymore.

GAY BLOG BR recently interviewed a young man from São Paulo Marcello Santanna, that was cowardly beaten up by a bus driver; at the time you offered him some support. How is the case today? Was the driver fired from the bus company because of the aggression?

At the time I offered my whole lawyer structure and I denounced it in the whole media, that’s when the case came to be acknowledged.

Have you ever been a target of judicial processes?


What is your relationship with Associação da Parada do Orgulho LGBT from São Paulo? Do you think that the APOLGBT SP should act along with you in what concerns these judicial actions?

I’ve been a part of this Association; the actions were moved by me. I’ve always militated by myself.

Why aren’t you an associate of Associação da Parada do Orgulho LGBT+ from SP? Because, as an associate, you could be a candidate and this could strengthen your actions as an activist in front of the Association, don’t you think? By the way, you’ve worked there in the past, right?

(Agripino preferred not to answer this question).

On April 13th of last year, APOLGBT SP published a handoutsaying that the participation of the singer Ivete Sangalo in the 23rd LGBT Pride Parade from SP was fake and that when the site was contactedGlamurama (that was the first site to expose this) it said that the information had been given by you. Was there a misunderstanding? What actually happened?

In this case, there was a misunderstanding, I said that there was a personalized LGBTI+ flag with Ivete’s name and picture and that she would come to have a concert in São Paulo on the day before the parade and that I would hand it over to her. That is what I said.

Recently you’ve said to the pre-candidate for counselor Pedro Melo that had his naked pictures leaked. You wrote: “You seem more like a gay magazine cover candidate than a pre-candidate for counselour of São Paulo.” Do you think that people who exchange naked pictures should try their way in politics?

No. I think they shouldn’t use this kind of image and leaking to appear in the LGBTI+ context as a candidate.

How can citizens identify the people who can be candidates for counselor and a gay magazine cover, if it’s not possible to candidate for both at the same time?

I didn’t understand the goal of your question.

You then would be the opposite of the gay cover candidate, right? But would you be naked for a million reais?

Yes, I would be. And I wouldn’t be naked for a million.

What is your favorite gay magazine?

It wasG Magazine.

You have also criticized Pedro Melo because he would be a “butterfly ofbolsonarismo“; people can’t think the same of you, that has pictures praising Diego Hypólito shirtless?

At the time that I had pictures with Diego Hypólito he had just revealed his sexual orientation.

Diego Hypólito and Agripino Magalhães (Reproduction)
To attack other LGBTs candidates can make the voter prefer you?

No; but they can know who is who, and who is really able in the LGBTI+ universe to represent the population.

Who did you vote for in the first and second shift for governor and president in 2018?

Márcio França and Ciro Gomes.

Would you accept the invitation to participate in a reality show like “Vacation with the Ex”, “A Fazenda” ou “BBB”?


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