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A sad episode took place on December 25. It was a raining late afternoon in Rio de Janeiro, between 7 and 8 p.m. In the Glória neighbourhood, a white cisgender man who claimed to a top invited Bezerro ZS (fictional name) to make love in his home and the apartment number would be revealed on the front lobby of the apartment building.

When he arrived at the place, Bezerro was barred from entering: the top had informed the doorman that one man had already gone upstairs, therefore leaving Bezerro and three other bottoms in the rain on the street.

“I asked for the apartment number through his social networks and he only blocked me. I realized that standing there wasn’t going to pan out. Since I live in the same street, I went back home. But there was a gay man who took an Uber there and payed 40 bucks. And it was raining a lot”, Bezerro told in exclusivity to GAY BLOG BR.

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When asked if the top had a handsome face and body, Bezerro said that it was “enough to get out in the rain, but nothing divine” , he remembers. “Great d1ck”, he continued.

On his Twitter, Bezerro complained:“A jerk top invited a few bottoms and the 1st one who arrived at the place entered. He left the rest of them out in the rain. Don’t be a jerk to that extent, seriously”.

Bezerro, who is 26 years old, also said that there wasn’t any chance of something happening between the wet guests: “Four bottoms eager for d1ck at the front lobby of another building, out in the rain, on Christmas, how was something supposed to happen?”.

Despite everything, Bezerro is well resolved with the situation and said that if there was another opportunity, he wouldn’t hesitate:I don’t hold grudges. A d1ck is a d1ck. Of course I would go. But he would never become someone I trust. If I was invited to grab some pizza after setting up a f*ck date with him, I would go without hesitation”.

After the story went viral on Twitter: many gay men sympathized with Bezerro: “My DM has dozens of messages from solidary friends. I’m having many laughs about the comments. This alone is worth it”, he ended.


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