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He is 29 years old, 5’10 feet tall, weighs 165 pounds, has 7,4 inches, is versatile and considers himself to be naughty and unashamed. He is Tarcízio, better known as Marcos Goiano. Recently living in São Paulo, his last name is a reference to the time when he lived in Goiânia, despite being born in the city of Cristalândia, in the countryside of the state of Tocantins. A hit on social media and erotic platforms, Marcos Goiano has more than 80 million views on Xvideos, being the fourth most visited profile in the world.

He has been a sex worker for ten years, has done porn movies for five and also has a profile on Only Fans. On his resume there are more than 300 erotic movies. Ambitious, he doesn’t think about retiring soon, but he considers working as a publicist, which is his graduation area. Does anyone doubt that he knows pretty well how to market himself?

The cowboy
Marcos Goiano – Reproduction

How did you become an escort?

I lived in Goiânia and was finishing the last semester of advertising creation and production at the Fasano college. I had a boyfriend who was an escort and he didn’t have much knowledge about advertisement, not knowing how to advertise in this market. So I decided to help him. Eventually I realized that I could also work in this business.

Was it because of financial needs?

I can’t say that it was a need, because at the time I worked in a call center in a mall and earned more than a thousand reais per month. This money was used for basic expenses: rent, water and electricity bills, food, etc. If I wanted to get a car, for example, it would be almost impossible. And in order to fulfill my material desires, I decided to become an escort.

You work for men, women and couples, but do you consider yourself gay or bisexual? Even though in the videos you are basically interacting with men.

I consider myself gay in my personal life and bisexual in my professional one. If a woman wants to go out with me, I’ll work for her alone and fulfill her wishes, and there is even a video on XVideos of me having sex with a female client. I already had sex with a woman outside of work, but even so, I’m gay.

“A body is built - a (big) d*** is something one is born with”, says Marcos Goiano in an exclusive interview
Marcos Goiano – Reproduction: Pleasure Boys

How many times a day do you usually provide sexual services?

It’s relative, and because of that it’s hard to say what’s the average. There are days when I end up having no clients and there were weekends in which I had ten clients in a single day. Recently I’ve been to the United States and the same thing happened: there were days in which I had ten clients.

You work with sex for years, isn’t there a moment when it gets boring? Do you think about having a parallel profession?

In my case it’s the opposite: the boredom comes when I don’t have clients. If I’m really busy working, this desire doesn’t cross my mind. Since I majored in advertising and propaganda, I already wanted to work in this area and I believe that it’s what I’ll do when I retire in about five years. I intend to taking a postgraduate degree and entering the labor market. I already have some acquired goods [com os programas], but I want more (laughter).

What was the strangest fantasy a client ever suggested to you?

There were several strange requests and I think it’s not worth to mention them. There are some suggestions that I don’t accept because I don’t get turned on by them, but there has been several strange requests.

Marcos Goiano – Reproduction

And what do you not agree to do in a sex job or an erotic movie?

I don’t accept being humiliated or anything that might harm my mental and physical health. Even though I’m a bottom, I don’t like to feel despised, and the client needs to understand that he is just a man topping another man. I won’t stand for being demeaned.

Did you ever fall in love with a client?

Once, when I lived in Goiânia. I worked for a client who was the son of the owner of a famous chain of construction materials stores in town and he was also in love with me. However, I was still dating the escort boy I talked about sooner, but we were at the end of our relationship. Eventually I broke off the relationship, but the client didn’t wait for me and ended up becoming engaged to a woman.

“A body is built - a (big) d*** is something one is born with”, says Marcos Goiano in an exclusive interview
Marcos Goiano – Reproduction

How does your family react to your profession?

I became an escort and told my mom the truth. And I did the same thing when I started doing porn movies. She handles the situation pretty well and doesn’t care. We are from the countryside of the state of Tocantins and it would be impossible for people not to comment, since this is a reality in small towns. Everyone knows about everything and they respect me, especially because no one pays my bills, so I don’t allow anyone to say anything about it.

Is the life of an escort lonely?

Yes, I really think it is. I’m lucky to have wonderful clients: handsome, hot, sexy, some handsome bottoms and some wonderful tops too. On the other hand, we don’t stop being “an object”, since the guy usually has a wife or a boyfriend and we are only there to have sex with him. I’m in this profession for that, but it can be a bit sad in a cold night in São Paulo. If I don’t have a boyfriend, it can be a problem and nothing stops me from getting one, but I think it can mess with the profession. Being an escort is better when you are single.

Do you use any devices like Viagra, for example?

Not just me, right? Every escort and all porn actors take it. We need to do a lot of jobs.


And what do you do when you aren’t attracted to a client?

I try to focus on the best thing about the client. For example, the client has a beautiful face, a beautiful mouth, a beautiful smile, good breath, but the body does nothing for me. So I’m going to focus on his face. I will give him passionate kisses and be able to do my job. If he has a horrible face, a horrible belly, but a wonderful butt, it also works. When we enter this profession, we have to understand that there are several kinds of people and they are paying to have pleasure. It isn’t up to me to judge and I will never show that I didn’t like a client. The goal is for him to be satisfied and hire the service again.

How do you see yourself in 20 years?

Certainly already retired and doing something else, but I still didn’t make up my mind about what. It’s likely that I will return to my graduation area as I said before, but I don’t have any idea. I already have some properties and I work with rent and think about expanding it. Maybe I’ll live off rent and not work anymore.

In what way has the pandemic gotten in the way of your job?

I simply stayed locked up in my house in Tocantins without working and only enjoying the pool. Now I’m in São Paulo and went back to work, but the clients don’t go out like before anymore.

“A body is built - a (big) d*** is something one is born with”, says Marcos Goiano in an exclusive interview
Marcos Goiano (Reproduction: Volupia Models)

Recently GAY BLOG published an article about an audio in which you (politely) answered a boy who suggested free sex to you. Does this kind of proposition happen regularly?

Sometimes guys visit a site about escort boys and, since they consider themselves to be hot, they think they have the right to try and seduce the professionals. Some agree with it, but it’s not the same for me. In order for a client not to pay anything, he needs to have a beautiful face, a hot body and be well-endowed, since I sell the video to OnlyFans, post it on my site and on XVideos. So, even if the client doesn’t pay anything, I still make money in some way. Men with small dicks don’t generate subscribers, so I never accept. The truth is that a body can be built, but a dick is something one is born with. In the same way as [de atendimento gratuito] requests are constant, saying “no” also is.

By the way, it seems like some sites twisted this situation, didn’t they?

What bothers me are sensationalist gay sites. Some portals wrote “Marcos Goiano says no to a client for having a small dick”. It’s a lie! And I think it’s very unpleasant and unprofessional for someone to write a headline like this, it can do me some harm. I have clients with all sizes and I don’t distinguish between them. But I also know that this doesn’t just happen to me and that the art scene suffers with it too. It’s the way these portals have to make the article pay off and become a hit. I get really upset with it.

Do you also spend your money on clothes and trips?

I prefer to invest in real estate.


Follow Marcos Goiano on social media:
Instagram: @marcosgoiano_real
Twitter: @MarcosGoianoXXX
XVideos: MarcosGoiano

“A body is built - a (big) d*** is something one is born with”, says Marcos Goiano in an exclusive interview

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