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Winner of the 2020 Poc Awards trophy with 15% of the popular vote in the “Personality of the Year” category, the multi-artist Silvero Pereira (38) has a long career on the stage that began at the age of 17 in theater. Married ten years ago to the playwright Rafael Barbosa, Pereira accumulates performances in TV and cinema, in addition to the theater, where he was discovered in the show “Br-Trans”.

In an interview with GAY BLOG BR, Silvero spoke a little more about his career, politics and even Big Brother Brasil.

Silvero Pereira
Silvero Pereira Reproduction

How did you react when you heard you had won the Poc Awards?

I was very honored. First, because it is a recognition within the LGBTQIA+ community and, second, because it was important for me to see my name appearing alongside other people who are so necessary in the fight.

You have won 7 awards, 8 with the Poc Awards. Once, a renowned actor declared in an interview that a prize does not increase the actor’s salary, the gain is more in the intangible gain.

Totally agree! Being awarded is an act of recognition, it symbolizes that your efforts were perceived and makes work even happier.

Silvero Pereira – Reproduction

Your TV debut was in “A Força do Querer”. Making soap operas has always been a desire of yours since the time of the artistic collective As Travestidas?

No way! I got on television because I was seen in the theater. My desire was always to be an actor, regardless of the space I occupied. I didn’t plan this journey on television. That was a pleasant surprise! Outside of TV, I continue with the theater and the carnival block of Colective As Travestidas, series and films.

You were born in Mombaça, Ceará. Moving to Rio de Janeiro was never part of your plans?

I didn’t trade Mombasa for Rio, I still live in Ceará. In my early teens, I left Mombasa for Fortaleza, because my homeland did not provide me with professional paths like the ones I have today. However, I did not give up my Ceará. I’ve had the opportunity to live on the Rio/São Paulo axis, but I think it’s important to be from a generation that continues to work without having to leave the Northeast.

Silvero Pereira – Reproduction

What have you been doing during these pandemic months? Some actors have staged shows online, have you thought of doing the same?

I worked a lot in this pandemic. I made an adaptation of the shows Metrópole and Cabaré das Travestidas the digital. I created, wrote, directed and acted the play “Bixa Viado Frango”, completely designed for the virtual. I participated in the film “Fluxos”, which had remote production and also films with live productions, which will debut: “Bem-vindo a Quixeramobim”, by director Halder Gomes and “Me Tira da Mira”, by director Hsu Chien, with Cléo Pires, in addition to several lives, debates and studies at home.

Are you watching BBB 21?

I think this edition of BBB 21 has been the one I am following the most. I have found the guidelines important, especially those that tell us what kind of person “we shouldn’t be”. It is essential that we debate not only about the canceling culture, but also the importance of taking care of our mental health. Building spaces of affection and empathy is urgent.

Silvero Pereira – Reproduction

Do you consider yourself professionally accomplished?

I consider myself a privileged person in my profession and this space was built with a lot of study, a lot of effort and respect for my job. I find the idea of “accomplished” very comfortable and I believe that it is important to always be recycling and worrying.

At some point, did you fear being stigmatized about being offered only LGBT characters?

I was never afraid of that! My trajectory in theater is like that and if I was invited to projects in cinema and on TV it was because of this vision of Silvero. I know exactly who I am, the artist that I am and what I am capable of. I don’t need to prove it. If the market doesn’t understand that I can be beyond my identity, then the market that improves their perceptions, not me.

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Poc Awards 2020 - Reproduction
Poc Awards 2020 – Reproduction

This article is also available in: Português Español

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