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Can Santa Claus do an advertisement of a strength machine? Yes, if he is a slim and stylish model who became a Christmas’ fashion icon. We’re talking about Paul Mason, a 56-year-old Canadian known as the Fashion Santa.

He went viral five year ago, with his natural white beard and hair, really handsome. His outfit includes a variety of suits in red tones, always tight, outlining the thin body that walks the runways and appears on magazine covers since the beginning of the 2000s.


But the look that gave Mason international stardom started to show up after his mother’s death, in 2013. Shaken by it, he stopped shaving and watched an imposing white beard grow.

“In my grief I stopped shaving for six months and ended up growing this giant Grizzly Adams beard. Coming out on the other side I decided I liked the look. After everything I needed a gig… and who wouldn’t want to see an elegant Santa alternative? I put together a pitch: selfies with Santa in this kind of red-carpet moment. Based on that idea everything began rolling forward’., said Paul Mason to Vice, last year.

After a lot of success in a shopping mall in Toronto, came the fuss in 2019. Many selfies, magazine covers and advertising campaigns. His pictures, according to him, had more than 2 billion impressions on the internet up until last year.

“The funny thing about my mother – while maybe it’s not funny – but at the end of her life she was afflicted with cancer, heart disease, and lung disease. It’s one of the reasons partnering with different charities is so important to me”, Fashion Santa said to Vice.

“That’s a chance to give back. I think mom would have been through the moon about that. Never in her life would she have expected me to become Santa Claus.”

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