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Creator of the term “affective styling”, Rica Benozzati proposes the demystification of fashion and defends the democratization of well-dressing. Benozzati also develops the project “Muse at 60” focused on female longevity, bringing the debate on fashion and consumption and how this slice of the market is still neglected by fashion brands. Recently hired from Netflix, Rica is part of the Brazilian version of Queer Eye, a series that has won eight Emmys, including three in a row in the “Best Structured Reality Show” category.

For the column SCRUFF Responds, Rica Benozzati clarifies and opines on 5 subjects, among them belly bags, sneakers and Crocs.

Rica Benozzati - Reproduction
Rica Benozzati – Reproduction

Does tennis match any look? What would be the replacement for this shoe?

“Sapaténis” is a hybrid between shoe and sneakers, there is no substitute, thankfully. This controversial piece of men’s clothing is appreciated by men, usually straight, who believe they are putting together a more “tidy” look. The suggestion that I always give to my clients is the Vans-type low-soled sneakers, which gives a more youthful and tuned look. For the more traditional, the classic moccasin would be a good tip.

Belly bags came back, but apparently no one wears them at the waist anymore. What is the most recommended model and what are the interesting ways to use it?

The belly bags came back with everything a few years ago, the luxury brands were inspired by the visual street of the millennials who rescued the piece of thrift stores. I believe that we all love the belly bag due to the fact that we carry a very large amount of gadgets, smartphones, chargers, headphones, glasses, chewing gum, eye drops, lipbalm and so on. The suggestion is to use it on the shoulder or across with it always forward to be safe to walk quietly on the street, or on public transport.

Rica Benozzati - Reproduction
Rica Benozzati – Reproduction

After Bolsonaro, the pieces with camouflage / military prints were forgotten in the wardrobe. Do you think that fashion will return or better donate these pieces?

If we follow this logic, I believe that every Brazilian should wear black in mourning for all the atrocities and deaths that this mismanagement has caused and that does not happen. Bolsonaristas prefer CBF t-shirts. The camouflage appears in the collections and on the streets around the world regardless of Bolsonaro.

What would be the equivalent of the “basic black” for the male wardrobe?

I believe that a good white shirt is a wild card for many occasions.

What do you consider the biggest mistake men make?

In my opinion the biggest style error of humanity is the Crocs.

Ricardo Benozzati - Reproduction
Ricardo Benozzati – Reproduction

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