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Artists from all over the world have adhered to the most varied techniques to make teeth extremely white, one of them being porcelain veneers – porcelain fragments applied to the front of the teeth, as if it were a cover. Sometimes it is necessary to wear the tooth.

To clarify the doubts of some readers, the SCRUFF Responds column invited dentist Marcelo Andrade this week, where he even comments on the difference between “dental contact lens” and porcelain veneers.


What care should a person using porcelain veneers have in addition to ordinary brushing?

In addition to daily care: tooth brushing, flossing and mouthwashes, the patient must make periodic consultations with the dental surgeon for evaluation and monitoring. Preventive consultations are always the best measure to ensure longevity of treatment and maintenance of oral health

Is it true that porcelain veneers can cause serious damage to teeth, for example, enamel?

This is a recurring question about the procedure. First, we need to understand the difference between contact lenses and facets, which is nothing more than the amount of millimeters of wear that will have to be made on the teeth to fix the material. Contact lenses are ultra thin blades about 0.2 mm thick, where minimum wear of the teeth is recommended, since the facets are on average 0.7mm thick, that is, it is necessary to carry out greater wear of the teeth. That is why a specialized professional evaluation is important to know which treatment is the most suitable according to the patient’s oral condition. Often treatments are associated (contact lenses, veneers and even full crowns – which cover the entire tooth). When performed with the correct technique, treatment is safe, effective and with minimal risk of complications or damage to the teeth.

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Do porcelain veneers need to be changed after a certain time? Is there a risk that it will yellow or even fall, since the plates are glued to the tooth?

It is not possible to need an exact replacement time, they can last for years. The durability will depend on the correct technique performed by the professional and the patient’s habits. If it has the habit of opening bottles with its teeth, biting nails, biting pens, it can end up decreasing the longevity of the lenses and / or facets and causing fractures and even their fall. Because they are made of porcelain, the lenses and facets do not darken, which can occur are extrinsic stains that are easily removed during routine consultations. I also emphasize that if the patient does not have good oral hygiene habits, infiltration between the material and the tooth may occur and the onset of caries disease.

Dr. Marcelo Andrade
Dental Surgeon, Postgraduate in Hospital Dentistry and Patients with Special Needs – HC / USP

On Instagram: @dr.marceloandrade

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