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With a diverse heritage spanning 55 different cultures, Curaçao is a country that strongly values safety and respect for diversity, being considered the most LGBT+ friendly destination in the Caribbean.

Frequented by personalities such as Xuxa, Eliana, Preta Gil and Dominique Jackson (Elektra in “Pose”), the island was the scene of a vow renewal ceremony for Ludmilla e Brunna Gonçalves and is where, for example, Ivete Sangalo vacations away from the spotlight, strolling peacefully through downtown Willemstad or exploring some of the country’s 35 beaches with coves.

Photo: Reproduction/Andre Rojer

Since January, Curaçao has reopened its borders for Brazilian tourists and, to keep up with what’s happening on the island, we have listed below some Curaçao LGBTQIA+ influencers, personalities and activists woth following. Hopi bon!

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LGBT+ leaders in their areas/segments in Curaçao

Andre Rojer @andrerojer
Regional Manager of Curaçao Tourism

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curacao
Andre Rojer – Reproduction

Carlton Jansen @c.a.r.l.t.o.n
TV host

Carlton Jansen - Reproduction
Carlton Jansen – Reproduction

Charlysen Jansen @charlessjay
Editor-in-Chief @freskudaily

Charlysen Jansen
Charlysen Jansen – Reproduction

Jurandy Regina @jurandyregina
Leader in the hotel segment

Jurandy Regina
Jurandy Regina – Reproduction

Janice TSK @shonmosa
Member of Human Rights Caribbean and activist

Janice TSK
Janice TSK – Reproduction

Lusfidely Strick @djlu_c

Lusfidely Strick
Lusfidely Strick – Reproduction

Shine Janssen @janssen.shine
Drag queen and make-up artist

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curacao
Lusfidely Strick – Reproduction

Frank Holtslag /frank.m.holtslag
Pride Organizer

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curacao
Frank Holtslag – Reproduction

Dudley Ferdinandus @truecolorexpression @curaplussexual
HIV Activist and head of Curaplus Sexual Health Foundation

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curacao
Dudley Ferdinandus – Reproduction

Lulu Mauris @lulumauris
Activist and TI Analyst

Lulu Mauris
Lulu Mauris – Reproduction

Mario Kleinmoedig /curamario
Executive Director Caribbean Human Rights Center Curaçao

Mario Kleinmoedig
Mario Kleinmoedig – Photo:

Nelly Rosa @roseabovemedia
Journalist and LGBT+ activist

LGBTQIA+ personalities and activists from Curacao
Nelly Rosa – Reproduction

Marlon Reina @@marlon.reina Communicator,
Podcaster and LGBT+ activist

Marlon Reina - Reproduction
Marlon Reina – Reproduction

Sean and Martijn @gayresort_curacao
ThuisHaven hotel owners
Martijn and Sean – Reproduction

LGBT+ institutions of Curaçao

In June of this year, Curaçao inaugurated the LGBTQIA+ Center “Nos Sentro – Our Centre”, whose goal of the space is to promote inclusion and form a more positive community through a wide range of programming and various activities such as courses and audiovisual content production.

Nos Sentro – Our Centre /rainbowcuracao
Non-profit organization for a sexually fluid and diverse Curaçao

Igualdat Korsou @igualdatkorsou
Collective for Equal Marriage

Fundashon Orguyo Korsou @fundashonorguyokorsou
Curaçao Pride Foundation

Human Rights Caribbean Foundation

Photo: Nos Sentro – Our Center

Personalities who fight for LGBT+ rights in Curaçao

Brett Russel (Photographer)

David Wever (Lawyer)

Giselle Mcwilliam (Member of the Curaçao Parliament)

Kurt Schoop (Leadership Coach)

Kimberly Margarita (Entrepreneur)

Matsy Cijntje (LGBT Wedding Planner)

Mirto F. Murray (Lawyer)

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