Medicamento para crianças que vivem com HIV está em falta; repasse é feito pelo Ministério da Saúde

Medication for children that live with HIV is lacking; the transfer is made by...

There is still not a prediction for Kaletra's reposition, said the Health Secretary of Ceará (SESA)
Pai é condenado à prisão após pagar 15 mil reais para agredirem filho gay

Father is condemned to prison after paying €2,500 for somebody to attack his gay...

The father would have paid €2,500 for a man to physically attack his 43-year-old son and his boyfriend, besides damaging the couple's car
Líderes religiosos pedem fim de "cura gay" e leis contrárias aos direitos LGBTQIA+

Religious leaders ask for the end of the “gay cure” and laws against LGBTQIA+...

400 religious global leaders signed a joint declaration in which they as for the end of "conversion therapy" (gay cure)

Report points out that 52% of Brazilian LGBTI+ people are out of the closet

TODXS Brasil report points out that 52% are publically LGBTI+ in the country and that 42,7& of the LGBTI+ population is in Southeast region
the prom scruff

Ryan Murphy’s new movie mentions SCRUFF’s popularity

"The Prom" was added to Netflix's catalogue last Friday

Rights progress, but same-sex relationships are still a crime in 69 nations

According to an international NGO report, six countries still punish relations between LGBT people with the death penalty
Pastor bolsonarista jura por Deus que vacina contra coronavírus tem HIV

Bolsonaro’s fan, pastor swears to God that coronavirus vaccine has HIV

"You will not feel anything, but after a while, illnesses will appear" - says the Bolsonarist pastor
"Só estamos vivos porque não fizemos Jesus gay e preto..." diz Porta dos Fundos um ano após filme polêmico

“We are only alive because we did not make Jesus gay and black”, says...

"I'm sure we are alive because Jesus was just gay ... If he were gay and black, it would be six bombs. If he were a woman, then ..." - said Fábio Porchat.
Pornhub remove 2/3 dos vídeos após acusação de conteúdo indevido

Pornhub removes 2/3 of videos after accusation of improper content

From 13.5 million it was reduced to 2.9 million videos
Médico afirma que homens trans poderão ter um pênis 100% funcional em breve

Doctor says trans men may have 100% functional penis soon

"It would be a quantum leap to be able to transplant a real penile structure. And we are going to exceed this limit!" - says surgeon Curtis Cetrulom

Brazilian will be deported from Australia for publishing a sex tape with an ex...

Fabrício da Silva Claudino will be deported after completing the rest of his penalty in Villawood Detention Center
Bolsa #ShowUs de US$ 10.000 é aberta a mulheres, pessoas com identificação feminina e não binária para vídeos e fotografias comerciais

Getty Images offers photography grants for women and non-binary people

The company launches the grant to provide financial support and guidance to people who are committed to representing women and non-binaries in an authentic way

Portuguese Secretary of State reveals that he is gay to help fight prejudice

"If there is a young man who, by my example, can feel more free to live his sexual orientation openly, I would be very happy"

Japan begins to adopt genderless uniforms for LGBT+ students

Schools authorize pants for female students and are also allowing students born as men to wear skirts

Spice girl reveals that terrorist planned to kill her in prizes for being friends...

The brave Geri Halliwell continued to perform in a memorable way at the Earls Court Exhibition Center, singing "Bag It Up"

Bolivia recognizes first civil union between people of the same sex

David Víctor Aruquipa and Guido Álvaro Durán had their civil union certificate issued on the 9th
Catar vai permitir símbolos LGBTQIA+ durante a Copa do Mundo de 2022

Qatar will allow LGBTQIA+ symbols during the 2022 World Cup

But public displays of affection are still frowned upon

Listen to “Matches”, a partnership of Britney Spears and Backstreet Boys that just released

"Matches" comes as part of a deluxe reissue of Britney's 2016 album, "Glory"

Bhutan parliament in Asia decriminalizes homosexuality

The changes still need to be approved by the King of Bhutan to become a law
Jogador de futebol que destruiu bandeira do arco-íris pede desculpas

Soccer player who destroyed the rainbow flag apologizes

His attitude ended up generating many homophobic comments on social networks

Rugby star says that he was tricked into appearing in a gay movie: “I...

Kurt Capewell says he feels ashamed for doing a photo shoot in 2013

“Rua Dandara Ketley”, a tribute to the transvestite murdered in Ceará three years ago

City Hall approved street name in Bairro Bom Jardim, in Fortaleza, proposed by PT councilman

Young man expelled from home discovers that father had orgies with men and prostituted...

Shawn O'Connor told on TikTok that father also threw his sister out of the house after discovering he was a lesbian

Guests of the Belgian group sex mistook policemen for gogoboys and tried to take...

New details emerge every day from the sex party involving a Hungarian conservative MP and other European politicians
Billy Santoro admite que sua tentativa de suicídio foi uma farsa para "abafar" haters

Billy Santoro admits that his “suicide attempt” was a scam to “stifle” haters

The hoax came in an attempt to raise public awareness after the negative repercussions of his comments offending blacks throughout the #BlackLivesMatter protest in July

French minister declares himself gay and says he will fight against state homophobia in...

Clément Beaune, French Secretary of State for European Affairs, tells the magazine that he intends to fight to spread tolerance
Governo suspende exames de HIV, AIDS e hepatites virais pelo SUS

Brazilian Government suspends tests for HIV, AIDS and viral hepatitis by Unified Health System...

This happened because the contract with the company he carried out expired in November 2019

61-year-old woman gives birth to granddaughter with surrogacy for gay son

She said she made the proposal when her son and Dougherty first said they wanted to start a family

LGBT adults are at increased risk of heart disease and are not preventing themselves

An unprecedented North American study found that LGBT adults are at a higher risk of heart disease, but take less medication than non-LGBT people

Young man suspended for painting his nails signs petition against school with more than...

School officials told him that he broke the dress code that prohibits nail colors for male students