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Fans of Neymar are trying to prevent the player’s transfer to the Arab club Al-Hilal, and in protest, on Twitter, several people have posted photos of him with the caption ‘Neymar is gay,’ tagging the football team in the post.

Saudi Arabia is known for having legal and social restrictions against LGBTQIA+ individuals, with homosexuality being considered illegal. Most of the written legislation has focused on economic and international relations spheres.

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The journalists Fabrizio Romano and Fabrice Hawkings received information that the footballer had received a lucrative offer and that negotiations with Barcelona had “cooled off.”


In 1928, the Saudi judicial council advised Muslim judges to seek guidance on homosexuality from two books by the jurist Marʿī ibn Yūsuf al-Karmī al-Maqdisī, associated with Hanbali jurisprudence. According to these books, sodomy (liwat) is treated as fornication and should be sanctioned in the same way. If the involved individual (muḥṣan) is married, the punishment is stoning to death. In the case of a single individual, the punishment is 100 lashes and one year of exile.

According to the author of these writings, sodomy is established through direct confession or by the testimony of four reliable Muslim men who witnessed the act. If there are less than four witnesses or if one of them is not considered reliable and unequivocal, all those involved are punished with 80 lashes for slander.

During the 1980s, Saudi King Khaled issued several legislative decrees with the aim of securing the support of religious conservatives in response to the seizure of the Grand Mosque in 1979. The regulation titled “Rules for Detention, Temporary Detention, and Preventive Detention” incorporated homosexuality into the Saudi penal code, including it in the list of crimes punishable by imprisonment and detention.

In addition to the application of previously established legislation, a second decree issued by the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice granted authority to detain and arrest individuals who transgressed traditional Islamic norms, including same-sex relationships and transgender individuals.

The repression of homosexuality is indeed one of the main objectives of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice, along with campaigns against alcoholism and the practice of magic in the country.

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