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The Latin Grammy Awards released the official list of nominees in a live broadcast on Tuesday (20). The winners of the 53 prize categories will be announced on November 17 at a ceremony at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, United States.

Among the nominees is singer Gabeu, who competes in the category of “Best Country Music Album” with AGROPOC, his first album. Alongside him are Chitãozinho & Xororó (Chitãozinho & Xororó Legado), Matheus & Kauan (Expectation X Realidade), Marília Mendonça and Maiara & Maraísa (Patroas 35%), Lauana Prado (Natural).

Gabeu (Photo: Reproduction)

On social networks, the artist, predecessor of Queernejo, commented on the indication.”I woke up with millions of notifications and thought I leaked some compromising photo. But it was the Latin Grammy Awards nominating Agropoc in the category of Best Country Album, alongside giants! My first album, the album that rescues my country roots while celebrating all my queer identity coming to this place, is a milestone and today I know that not just for me.“he wrote on Instagram.

- BKDR -

It is a pleasure to be able to share my art with you and feel comfortable to say that this album arises from my love of country music, but also from the need to question and resignify several things in this universe. The boot, buckle and hat are no longer symbols of what I did not want to be, on the contrary, it is with these symbols that I have the possibility to show my strength” added Gabeu.

In 2020, the artist was elected “Brazilian POC Musician” by the Poc Awards. In an interview with GAY BLOG BR, after receiving the trophy, Gabeu talked about the emotion of being elected by the public: “I was in shock! Even more knowing that it was by popular vote. I was very happy to have been nominated and to know that people like my work!”.

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