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Five out of the six agents from the Metropolitan Civil Guard suspected of assaulting and coercing young individuals into engaging in sexual acts during a police apprehension in Itapecerica da Serra (SP) were arrested on August 15th. The information was confirmed by the Secretariat of Public Security to G1 on August 17th.

According to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), the sixth suspect is on the run. The apprehension of the young men reportedly took place in May of this year, and according to the investigation, the youths were also assaulted with kicks, punches, and beatings.

Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) base in Itapecerica da Serra, SP - Photo: Reproduction
Metropolitan Civil Guard (GCM) base in Itapecerica da Serra, SP – Photo: Reproduction

The investigation into the civil guards began following complaints. Through a telephone contact, one of the young men told TV Globo that he was in a vegetated area near the Rodoanel, performing motorcycle stunts with five other people when the civil guards arrived after receiving an anonymous tip. One of the motorcycles in the group had cloned identification.

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Area where the group was performing motorcycle stunts in Itapecerica da Serra — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo
Area where the group was performing motorcycle stunts in Itapecerica da Serra — Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo

As per the young man’s account, the guards threatened him with firearms, used pepper spray, and attacked them with pieces of wood. The assaults only stopped when the mother and relatives of one of the young men arrived at the scene.

A video recorded by the family documents the moment when the mother listens to the phone call while inside a vehicle. The young man had called his family and put the phone in his pocket without the guards noticing, according to the investigations. Upon realizing the seriousness of the situation, the mother exclaimed, “They are assaulting my son” Another family member who was also listening to the conversation added, “They are making threats of sexual violence”.“You will suck each other”, One of the guards allegedly said. The media was attached to the police investigation.


According to the SSP statement, the temporary arrest warrants, valid for 30 days, which had previously been issued by the court, were executed when the guards appeared at the police station, accompanied by their lawyers, last Tuesday.

After the documentation of the capture records, specialized teams from the Special Operations Group (GOE) escorted the agents to the Taboão da Serra legal medical Institute (IML). Subsequently, the guards were taken to the Itapecerica prison, where they are awaiting their bail hearing.

The Secretariat of Public Security also stated that investigations are ongoing to locate the sixth agent mentioned in the allegations, who is also the subject of a temporary arrest warrant. In an official statement, the City of Itapecerica da Serra declared that the involved guards have already been suspended from their duties and will undergo administrative and disciplinary proceedings.

According to Detective Luís Hellmeinster, the allegations were the subject of an investigation, and based on evidence in the form of videos and expert assessments, he requested the temporary detention of the agents.

“Temporary detention was requested to conclude the investigation and clarify the details, as the evidence is substantial, which is evidenced by the fact that a 30-day temporary detention was ordered. Immediately after the warrants were issued, I contacted the city’s Security Secretary and the Municipal Guard commander to request the presentation of the agents. However, they evaded,” said Luís Hellmeinster to G1.

According to the police, none of the young people who were approached had a criminal record.

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