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Scheduled to take place on June 19, at Avenida Paulista, São Paulo’s LGBT Pride Parade announced to the public this year’s theme: “Vote with pride – for a politics that represents”. In an election year, the largest LGBT Parade in Brazil reiterates its commitment to the fight against prejudice and to the search for representatives who support affirmative public policies and are engaged in the promotion of human rights.

SP Parade (Photo: Reproduction)

The live that announced the theme took place last Tuesday (5) and is available on the Youtube channel Parada SP. The broadcast featured representatives of APOLGBT-SP; from Terra, the event’s partner in this edition; from FOME Agency, responsible for creating this year’s slogan, manifesto and visual identity; from the Secretary of Justice and Citizenship of the State of São Paulo; and from the Regional Electoral Court of São Paulo.

For Terra, building this movement together with the Association reinforces our goal of creating more awareness in our audience. We develop new verticals based on the macro analysis of society, bringing more voices and representation in our content and projects. Transmitting the Parade is a milestone for this new moment that we are building“, saysHenrique Bosco, Head of Marketing and Special Projects at Terra.

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(Photo: Reproduction)

Being a part of this project and using our voice more actively within the political awareness of the LGBT+ community has been an honor. Being able to broaden our own view, as an advertising agency, in relation to the inclusion of LGBT+ people in politics and in the market is something fundamental for our existence within society.” highlights Marcela Neilly, writer and member of the diversity committee of the FOME agency

In this challenging year, in which we continue to face COVID-19, we want the public to remember their responsibility to support representatives who are committed to a more just and equitable Brazil – that is why we endorse in our campaign the need to pay attention to the upcoming elections“, points out Claudia Garcia, president of the ONG APOLGBT SP.

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