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American country singer T.J.Osborne revealed that he would have declared himself gay earlier had he known the positive reaction his friends and fans would have and encouraged others who may be struggling with his identity to do the same. The information is from Fox News.

The artist, who makes up the prominent country duo The Brothers Osborne, publicly discussed being gay for the first time in an interview with Time earlier this month, noting that he was away from home for friends and family for a while, but finally decided to be as open and honest as possible with his fans.


He appeared alongside his brother, John, on “CBS This Morning” Friday, where he discussed the anxiety he felt about coming out and the positive reception he has experienced since he officially did so.

“It has been incredible, honestly, and I would say just to encourage anyone who is dealing with the same thing … It is a difficult thing to describe and very difficult to pass on”, explained the singer.

“After I finally came out, I didn’t really understand the magnitude of how much people cared about me, loved me and supported me, and honestly, if I had known it all along, I probably would have done it a long time ago and saved a lot of fights myself “.


He added: “So, anyone out there, if you’re dealing with it, there are people who love you and people who support you, many of them, so feel encouraged by that.”

The singer noted that, being a public figure, he believes he found it easier to come out as gay than most people. Although his close friends and family had known about his sexual orientation for a while, letting the audience know seemed like something that would always come “out of nowhere”.

“Honestly, for heterosexual people, taking on is really weird. It’s a weird thing to say. It’s out of the blue and it’s a really weird thing to mention. I work in the entertainment business, so I like a lot of attention but not that type “, he said.

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