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Singer Daniel Peixoto releases on this Friday, December 11, “Freed From Desire”, a re-recording of the original song released by the Italian singer Gala, in 1996. The song was a worldwide hit and became number 1 in the charts of several European countries, such as Belgium, France and United Kingdom, besides getting a positive feedback from Brazilian radios and clubs, becoming an electronic music classic song in the country.

While revisiting old songs in his current musical research, Daniel pays tribute to Gala with a tropical version of her song, bringing the 90’s EDM to the Brazilian atmosphere. “I decided to re-record this track after reading an interview given by Gala to Gay Blog Br,in which she described the pains and joys of being an artist, the highs and lows of the career and how difficult it is to do a high-quality work as an independent artist, even after having released worldwide hits, as in her case”, says the singer from Ceará.

“Gala has strongly influenced me to follow the path of dance music when I started to work professionaly in this market. In a pre-internet age, she was one of the only artists in this genre that had her songs played both on AM and FM radios from Ceará when I was a child.”

The new version was produced by DJ Chernobyl, Comunidade Nin Jutsu, a respected band from Rio Grande do Sul, who is also responsible for the success gained by funk and Brazilian Bass in the international market, with tracks co-produced by Diplo, Daniel Huskmann and Bonde do Rolê. In the single, he mixes the electropop signature with typical Brazilian elements, such as musical genres called “guitarrada” and “lambada”.

“Freed From Desire” is available on streaming services after Daniel has released the singles “Postal de Amor”, featuring Filipe Catto; and “La Isla Bonita”, featuring Getúlio Abelha. Together they have more than half a million streams on online platforms.

Remember Gala’s version of the song:

This article is also available in: Português Español

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