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Italian singer Tiziano Ferro, 40 – who burst into Brazil with the song “Imbranato”, from the soap opera “Women in Love” in 2003 – revealed in the documentary about his life that the music industry tried to hide his homosexuality, perceiving it as a setback, says the Argentine newspaper La Nación. In the production of Amazon Prime Video, Ferro also talks about how he fell into alcoholism and bulimia.

“Freedom with oneself is fundamental, I was already famous at the age of twenty and this has also been my drama”, he confesses in the film, which he himself asked not to be just musical and to be released in 240 countries.

The artist also confesses in the documentary that his record label has always tried to silence and deny possible rumors about his homosexuality and even managed to designate a person to open his bags and censor the costumes that could be “very gay”.

Married to American Victor Allen for a year, Tiziano is no longer hiding and now he may be eager to show off without being able to hide everything he had to hide for so long. Doing this also serves as therapy.

Tiziano (right) is married to Victor Allen / Latin Pop

Obesity and bulimia

As a teenager, he was harassed for not being masculine enough by the standards of his environment and because of his obesity. So he weighed 111 kilos and in his environment they made fun of him.

Although years later, in a launching exercise that he titled, with this figure, one of his records, at the time, the harassment that others subjected him led him to fall into a well, which led to a bulimia and that it went deeper the day he had his first drink, during his first tour.

What started out as an innocent and even funny habit ended up becoming a drinking addiction that I couldn’t get out of. So few dared to help him recognize him.

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