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During the pandemic, we talk and search for contacts. But then, when the boy you met at SCRUFF is on his way and you don’t know which song to play for this long-awaited date?

In addition to getting you the boy, SCRUFF Brazil also gives you four options of playlists on Spotify. And don’t worry: if no one is there, the music selections will make you an excellent company.

5 SCRUFF playlists on Spotify
5 SCRUFF playlists on Spotify

Search for “SCRUFFbrazil” in the application and discover the lists:

“Ursada pyre”

Created by DJ – and bear – Earl Oliveira, the playlist has the best of tracks. Includes songs like Made of stars, by Hovi star, and Hope, by Micky Friedman.

“Brutus feat. Scruff”

This list is full of house, tech house and naked disco. There’s Woodworm, from Superlover, Hold your head up high, by Milty evans, among others.

“Dancing alone in the quarantine”

If you prefer to warm yourself up at home – and save your full potential after social isolation – this playlist is for you. Listen to Lady Gaga classics, like Bad romance, and new hits, like Don’t start now, by Dua Lipa.

“Poc in the cleaning”

Pabllo Vittar and other national muses and muses will keep you company if you are in a more general cleaning moment. Includes the classic Xibom bonbon, from The Girls.

“LUST feat. Scruff”

Naughty House, wild techno and lots of rave music for you to boil until you sweat your clothes off. Stop giving it a go and come on hard with this very hot playlist that Festa Lust made for SCRUFF Brazil! Prepared by DJs and delights @igor__alb and @andrelml.

Este post também está disponível em: Português Español

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