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The band Detonautas will release next Friday, November 6, a song that discusses themes such as “cock baby bottle”, “flat land” and other references to fake news. “I am a follower of Olavão / I am the captain’s guardian”, says an excerpt. The information came from Folha de São Paulo.

Throughout the year, Detonautas Roque Club released several singles, including the protest song “Micheque”, released in September, making reference to the current moment of Brazilian politics and satirizing the country’s first lady with the R$ 89 thousand depoisted in your bank account.

On the 1st of October the departure of DJ Cléston was announced, who is now giving a new direction to his life and looking for a “new lifestyle linked to his spiritual issues” and that this would be “incompatible with the routine of a rock band “. In a statement, the band clarified that there was no disagreement or issues related to political positions, and that no one will occupy the space left by DJ Cleston.

On October 9, the band Detonautas released the song “Full Suitcase“, streaming to Sony Music and the video makes several criticisms of what they call “false Christians” and exalts what, for the members, is the real thing word of Jesus.


The band was founded in 1997, in Rio de Janeiro, and the lyrics refer to love, violence, corruption and they are known to have this social concern. Precisely because it addresses topics considered sensitive by society, the Detonauts have already been the subject of many controversies, as was the case with the song “The Day That Didn’t End”, which showed real scenes of traffic accidents and images of people being attended by paramedics, causing the band to be accused of sensationalism for good part of the media.

It is worth mentioning that in 2011, they were the first independent band to be able to play on a main stage in Rock in Rio.

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