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Spice girl Geri Halliwell revealed that she was threatened with murder by the English terrorist David Copeland on the eve of what was her first solo performance. Today at 48 years old and mother of two children, the artist recalled in an interview with The Sun newspaper the threats made by the criminal on the eve of her number at the 2000 Brit Awards ceremony.

Copeland is currently serving a life sentence for a series of bombings he carried out in London in 1999. The three artifacts he blew up in different parts of the English capital between 17 and 30 April 1999 resulted in the death of three people and left more than 140 injured.


Police officers intercepted the terrorist’s plans to shoot Geri live on stage because she was “friends with George Michael”.

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The singer says: “It was before my first performance as a solo artist that he threatened me with death. He threatened to shoot me and hated the fact that I was going out with gays and being friends with George Michael. “

“Ele me odiava por acampar, por amar os gays e por ser amigo de George. I told him to make one. “

The brave star continued to perform memorably at the Earls Court Exhibition Center, singing Bag It Up, flanked by a bunch of glitter-covered back-up dancers.


Extra policemen and security guards were called in the night because of Geri’s death threat. Refusing to be prostrated, she courageously emerged on the stage from the top of a grand staircase, strategically positioned between a pair of giant inflatable legs.

Now a dedicated mother of two, married to F1 boss Christian Horner, she worked tirelessly as a UN Goodwill Ambassador after leaving Britain’s most successful female band.

The artist formerly known as Ginger Spice works for various charities behind the scenes, and last week she secretly visited Whittington hospital in north London to distribute surprise packages to frontline nurses.

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