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After three years of dedication and hard work, the Italian artist Rohmanelli, settled in Brazil for more than two decades, releases on this Tuesday (09/29) his album Brazil’ejru] entirely in Portuguese. The repertoire’s highlight is the song “Não Me Ligue Mais” (“Don’t Call Me Anymore”) , whose clip is full of special effects.

Picture Reproduction: Coletivo Medusa Scaled

The singer describes his musical style as “transpop”, mixing, in some songs like Macho Discreto, elements of Acid Pop and Punk Rock, but always with a critical tone and a focus on the LGBT cause. Rohmanelli‘s new song “Não Me Ligue Mais”, features vocals from Renata Swoboda and Wagner Éffe. With an aesthetically daring video, the artist takes advantage of his androgyny, balancing between male and female, without being tied to labels or definitions.

The album [Brazil’ejru] reveals Rohmanelli’s passion for our country, in a recent interview given to GAY BLOG, the singer-songwriter who lives in the city of Florianópolis, commented about the album title’s origin:

“[Brazil’ejru] in brackets, it is the phonetic transcription of the word “brasileiro” (“Brazilian”). It is the way we pronounce it and not the way we write it, in order to highlight many things: firstly, my intention of depicting the Brazil of orality, of street culture, of the outskirts, of communities and not of the standard language elite; secondarily, a “pop” Brazil, because I am a foreigner who lives in Brazil for 22 years and, therefore, who has an accent, an identity, my own way of being BRAZILEJRU. And lastly, because I am a linguist and a scholar, so I wanted to put this other side of me in my music as well.”

The title track is already available on Spotify and its clip can be watched on the androgynous artist’s YouTube channel . The singer reveals that the inspiration for the single was the death of one of the most famous names in the Brazilian music scene (the singer Belchior), and not a personal event on the artist’s life. The song has an ’80s vibe, and this is not by chance, with a more electronic and pop style; however the clip’s images, shot during the pandemic, reveal a futuristic side in which the three singers are in different spaces and scenarios.

Rohmanelli's art

Rohmanelli shows in his most recent musical work his identity, half Italian and half Brazilian; the mixture of styles that can go from punk to electronic, from pop to rap and even to classical singing, revealing the artist’s versatility, who has as his idol: David Bowie.


On the last Saturday (09/26), Rohmanelli played a live concert for the album’s pre-release, on the Mais Brasil Facebook channel. “[Brazilejru]”, also features the already released songs “Macho Discreto”, “Toneaí” and “Do jeito que o mundo está”.

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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