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Frédéric Chopin is one of Poland’s greatest pride. But historians who have studied it have obscured or at least completely ignored the fact that the world-famous composer was probably homosexual, writes Thomas Aagaard, a columnist for the Danish website Berlingske.

He appears on a new Swiss radio show, “Chopin’s Men”, which examines the life and sexuality of the world-famous composer and pianist, writes The Independent.

The radio show reveals how historians who have studied Chopin in the past may have even obscured the evidence of his homosexuality by misrepresenting a series of archived letters containing many declarations of love for men.


It was music journalist Moritz Weber who now got his hands on Chopin’s archived letters. And many of them contain clear declarations of love for men and even have an erotic character, he says on the radio program.

But historians and archivists, who have also studied Chopin’s letters, throughout modern history have portrayed Chopin as a man who had romantic relationships with women. However, this is overkill, says the Swiss radio documentary.

“Give me your lips, lover lover”

Chopin lived with the French writer George Sand for several years, but the two never had children. There is also no evidence that he was in love with women in the letters he sent. Contrariwise In a letter, for example, he describes his relationship with women as a “cover for hidden feelings”, according to The Guardian.

In several letters to schoolmate and political activist Tytus Woyciechowski, the world-famous composer, who lived from 1810 to 1849, writes in clear terms – phrases that today seem difficult to understand as anything other than declarations of love:

“You don’t like to be kissed. But let me do that today. You owe me for the dirty dream I had with you last night”, he writes in a letter, for example.

In another, also addressed to Woyciechowski, he writes:

“Give me your lips, girlfriend. I’m convinced that you still love me and I’m more afraid of you than ever.”

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