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Bemti released the music video for the song “We Combine”, directed by Daniel Ribeiro, a Brazilian filmmaker who is well remembered for the feature film “Today I Want to Go Back Alone”.

The clip was recorded before the pandemic and was shown at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, alongside short films by other great directors such as John Waters and Kairim Aïnouz, in an unpublished production show filmed entirely with iPhone. “We Combine” finally reaches the public at a time when Bemti is already approaching the first single from her second album, “RIGHT THERE”, a project selected in the Natura Musical announcement.

Starring the actors Arthur Alfaia and Pither Lopes, the video for “AWe Combine” officially closes the cycle of the album “it was two”. The purpose of the video is to dive deeply into the universe of lyrics about building expectations, bonds and ruptures that come with the use of relationship apps. The country guitar used with guitar distortion merges with an energetic instrumental inspired by the “indie 2000” of bands like Editors, The Killers and Mew.

In “We Combine”, the artist from Minas Gerais repeats the partnership with Daniel Ribeiro, with whom he wrote the script for the video for “I forbid you …”. Both are graduated in Audiovisual from the University of São Paulo and besides his career in cinema and TV, Daniel Ribeiro is very close to the world of music. Among other works, he was a screenwriter for the award winning video “Floats” by Johnny Hooker and Liniker and one of the producers of the recent feature “Music To Die For Love”.


Although this year did not go as expected, Bemti says: “I am very happy to be able to have such a beautiful closing moment for ‘it was two’. The canceled shows became a cinematic live of viola and piano, which became EP and DVD. Now the video for “We Combine” arrives by surprise as a time capsule from a pre-pandemic period. It also arrives as a hope for lighter times and a portrait of the complexities of the bonds that emerge in gay relationship apps – even though apps are also part of the straight universe – ” ends.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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