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Only a few know, but SCRUFF, one of the most popular gay dating apps in the world, has the “SCRUFF Match” function. The feature works through intelligent algorithms that suggest people with a higher probability of affinity. This tool, in fact, was reformulated on the app’s 6.0 version: the algorithms “learn” a lot faster about each user’s interests and the difference can already be seen on the first few uses.

The idea behind SCRUFF Match emerged after the Perry Street Software company carried out a survey with the app’s users and found out that two thirds of scruffers are on the platform to make friends or to talk. With Match, the goal is to introduce people who have affinities and who would probably go unnoticed when opening the feed grid.

Picture: SCRUFF
Picture: SCRUFF


First of all, it is required to have a clear picture of your face on your profile to use SCRUFF Match. Next:

  1. Click on the SCRUFF MATCH icon, on the app’s lower bar;
  2. Click on Start to compile your first selection of correspondences.
  3. The app will compile a pile of 25 possible correspondences for you, this may take some time while the selection is done:
  4. When your pile becomes available, you will be able to choose one of the following options:
    • “I don’t have interest” or slide the card to the left;
    • Ask tomorrow(the clock icon);
    • “I have interest” or slide to the right.

If there is mutual interest, both people will be notified of the match.

Tip: click on the suggested user’s picture to visualize the profile details.

After 25 users who have affinity are shown, a new pile will be suggested after 24 hours. PRO users can have up to 4 piles a day, just by clicking on “I can’t wait”.


Only in Brazil, SCRUFF is making the PRO features available until July 31, 2020. To download it, simply visit this link.

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This article is also available in: Português Español

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