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The President of the United States, Joe Biden, posted a video on his official Instagram last March 12 showing a kiss between two men to send a positive message to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The information is from the Pink News channel.

“Last year tested us in unimaginable ways, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will emerge even stronger” – says the description of the post on Instagram.

The video contains several random images showing different types of people, including blacks, the elderly, and at a certain moment, comes the scene of the kiss.

In the background, Joe Biden says: “People will return stronger everywhere. The country has been through so much. The light at the end of the tunnel will shine. It is real. There has not been a single crisis that we have faced that has not we were able to overcome and we always get stronger “.

The video had a positive impact on the social network for sharing photos, with many valuing the fact that it showed the two men.

“It is very significant to see that the President of the United States has posted a video that contains two men kissing” – said an internet user.

Joe Biden posts video with gay kiss on his Instagram


United States President-elect Joe Biden has appointed Jeff Marootian to serve as the President’s special assistant on climate and science. With the choice, Marootian becomes another gay man to compose the government. The information is from the Public Radio of Armenia.

Marootian has served as Director of Transportation in Washington D.C since 2017, standing out for helping companies survive during the coronavirus pandemic. He is originally from New Jersey, and graduated from George Washington University.

“He worked tirelessly to make our roads and sidewalks safer and more efficient, and built a transportation network that not only meets our needs today, but will also serve in the future” – Washington DC Mayor Muriel E.Bowser said in a statement (via Washington Post).

Bowser said in a statement that the replacement of Marootian will be made soon, and that his last day in the city will be on January 21, the day after Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

Joe Biden appoints yet another openly gay member to his government

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