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Jair Bolsonaro’s government continues to be the target of denunciations and investigations by the Federal Public Ministry. This time, the character is the ex-minister of Citizenship and federal deputy Osmar Terra (MDB-RS). Terra became a defendant in a lawsuit filed by the MP, on charges of administrative improbity.

In August 2019, mdbist suspended a funding notice for public TVs that designated part of the investments for series and signed an ordinance published in the Official Gazette that suspended the funding notice for series with LGBTQIA+ theme.

The decision was taken by Vigdor Teitel, federal judge of the 11th Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, last Wednesday (3).

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received nicknames like
Osmar received nicknames like “Osmar Trevas”, “Osmar Terra Plana”, “Osmar Erra” and “Osmar Enterra”

Bolsonaro (without a party), who has a long history of anti-LGBTQIA + speeches and interventions, had criticized, just before Terra’s action, the number of projects that addressed the topic and were approved in the final phase of the financing program. That was when the ex-minister followed the president’s statements and signed an ordinance published in the Federal Official Gazette that suspended the notice.

The Federal Court considered that “there was discrimination by the government” and, in October of the same year, determined that Ancine (National Cinema Agency) reopen the program’s processes. Interestingly, when the result was published in January last year, the four works by Bolsonaro (“Afronte”, “Transversal”, “Religare Queer” and “Reverse Sex”) that had been previously selected were no longer on the list of accepted projects.

Osmar Terra is in his sixth term as Federal Deputy for Rio Grande do Sul. He had previously been Minister of Social and Agrarian Development in Brazil under Michel Temer and was invited by Bolsonaro to occupy the Citizenship portfolio, being replaced by Onyx Lorenzoni in February 2020.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the deputy repeatedly supported his anti-scientific and denialist views. He denied the need for isolation, defended treatment with hydroxychloroquine (without proven efficacy) and even had comments on Twitter warned by the official control of the social network. For this reason, he received nicknames such as “Osmar Trevas”, “Osmar Terra Plana”, “Osmar Erra” and “Osmar Enterra”.

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