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The governor of Rio Grande do Sul, Eduardo Leite, spoke out after a result in the PSDB’s presidential race with candidate João Dória and took the opportunity to talk a little about his sexuality and also to speak to her boyfriend, Thalis Bolzan. The information is from Correio Braziliense.

“I am the first governor who speaks openly about being gay and it shows the diversity that everyone has the capacity to occupy any position. Diversity makes us stronger, richer and with a more promising future”, he said.

He then publicly thanked Bolzan: “I want to pay a fair tribute to Thalis, my boyfriend, for understanding the fair absences”.

Leite also took the opportunity to criticize Jair Bolsonaro. “This diversity makes us stronger, more creative and with a more promising future. We cannot live with that this is something wrong and that it needs to be fought”, he continues.

Eduardo Leite pays homage to his boyfriend after losing in the preliminary race
Eduardo Leite recently revealed that he is gay – Reproduction

In the preliminary run for the presidential race in 2022, João Doria won with 53.99% of the votes, while Eduardo Leite got 44.66%. The former mayor of Manaus, Arthur Virgílio, got 1.35%.

“João, our PSDB, our party, entrusted you with the leadership of this project. I wish you all the luck and strength so that we can give Brazilians better days”, he said.

“It’s not what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it. The possibility of doing politics without having to step over anyone. We had about 45% of the votes and I want to thank everyone who added, we are a group, a project and leadership for the future. Above a personal project, it is above anything else, we have our Brazil and we have a commitment to Brazil,”, stated Leite.

It is worth remembering that Eduardo Leite spoke for the first time about his homosexuality during the program “Conversa com Bial, on TV Globo.

I’m gay. And I am a governor gay, not a gay governor, just as Obama in the United States was not a black president, he was a president black. And I’m proud of that,” Leite said, adding that he has nothing to hide and that he prides himself on his sexual orientation.

This article is also available in: Português

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