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In 2019, the councilors of the Polish city of Krasnik passed a resolution placing the city as an “LGBT-free zone”. According to a report in the newspaper O Globo, Krasnik is now “fighting to contain the damages” of the measure.

” [A decisão] millions of dollars in foreign funding and, according to Mayor Wojciech Wilk, ‘made our town synonymous with homophobia,’ which he insists is not true.” – says the report.

A French city cut off partnership with Krasnik; Norway, from which the city’s mayor had hoped to receive $10 million from this year to fund development projects, suspended it and said it would not subsidize any Polish city if it declared it “LGBT-free.”

“We’ve become a laughing stock in Europe, and it’s the citizens who suffer most, not local politicians,” lamented Wilk, who is now pressing councilors to repeal the resolution that put the city’s 32,000 residents in the middle of a debate furious about traditional and modern values.

Polish city regrets homophobic law:

Mayor Wojciech Wilk admitted that he is concerned that there will be little chance of securing foreign funds to finance projects such as electric buses and youth programs if “LGBT-free zone” status is withdrawn.

“My position is clear: I want this resolution to be repealed, because it is harmful to the city and its inhabitants.” – Wilk said.

The European Union, as well as the aforementioned Norway and Iceland, have announced that they will cut funding for any Polish city that violates Europe’s commitment to tolerance and equality. The European Parliament also passed a resolution in March saying the bloc’s 27 countries are a “LGBT Freedom Zone”.

The resolution declaring the Polish city “free from LGBT” was drafted by councilor Jan Albiniak, who said he has nothing against gays, calling them “friends and colleagues”, but that the measure aims to quell ideas that “disturbed the the normal and regular way our society works”.

The idea came after watching an online video where abortion rights activists discussed with Christian men in Argentina. While not having to do with LGBT issues or Poland, Albiniak said the video shows “that we are dealing with some kind of evil and we can see worldwide manifestations of demonic behavior that must be stopped”.

At the national level, the president of the Law and Justice party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, told the newspaper “Gazeta Polska” that Poland must resist LGBT ideas that are “weakening the West” and that are “against all common sense.

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