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According to information found in the column of Jamil Chade on UOL, several religious entities and bishops made a complaint submitted to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, warning that the pandemic in the country is “fueled by a contradictory, negative, political, economic and social conduct, indifferent to pain” and that “is amplifying the deep inequalities”, making severe criticisms of Jair Bolsonaro.

“The neglect of public authorities, at the federal, state and municipal levels, for the facts presented and demand investigations in view of all possible accountability” – says the letter, – stating that it supports “the more than 60 requests for impeachment for the President of the Republic, in particularly for crimes of responsibility with respect to public health policies in times of pandemic”.

The group calls on the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) put pressure on the Brazilian government, arguing that “there is no transparency in the information and even less confidence in the decisions made by the political representations in relation to the containment of Covid-19″. “Each ten people killed by COVID-19 in the world, one is from Brazil”.

Bishops denounce Bolsonaro at the UN and WHO:

Among the religious entities are the Special Commission for Integral Ecology and Mining of the CNBB, the National Council of Christian Churches in Brazil (CONIC), Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), Franciscans International, the Lutheran Foundation of Diaconia, in addition to missionary organizations, congregations, bishops and sisters.

“The letter also cites an investigation by the USP School of Public Health and Conectas Human Rights, which shows that the great proliferation and deaths by Covid-19 are not just the result of incompetence or the lack of economic conditions and public health structure. “This study indicates that, under the argument of the resumption of economic activity at any cost, there is the commitment of the Union in favor of the spread of the virus in the national territory. The detailed analysis of the government’s decisions in relation to the pandemic reveals a marketing strategy against public health, a political discourse that mobilizes economic, ideological and moral arguments”, they say.

“There is widespread use of fake news and technical information without scientific evidence, with the purpose of discrediting health authorities, weakening popular adherence to health recommendations based on scientific evidence and promoting political activism against public health measures necessary to contain the advancement of covid-19 ”, they complete.

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