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Carlos Bolsonaro (Republican-RJ), the son of Jair (no party), shared a video on Twitter this January 15 showing a man beating pan with a rubber penis screaming “Off, Bolsonaro”.

Presenter Luciano Huck, a possible candidate for the presidential election in 2022, called for a riot against the Bolsonaro government that started at 8:30 pm as a protest to the collapse in Manaus hospitals and holding the government responsible.

“Without oxygen, without vaccine and without government. Panelaço, Friday, 8:30 pm. Brazil suffocated” – said Huck.

Manaus’ health system has collapsed in recent days with the considerable increase in cases of Covid-19. As a result, hospitals have run out of oxygen and patients are being sent to other states to be treated. On the subject, Jair Bolsonaro said:

“Problems. We are always doing what we have to do. Problem in Manaus. Terrible, the problem in Manaus. Now, now, we have done our part. Resources, means. Today, the Armed Forces ‘displaced’ one field hospital. The Minister of Health was there Monday and provided oxygen “, stated at the exit of the official residence of the Palácio da Alvorada (via G1).

Hamilton Mourão was also asked by journalists about the situation in Amazonas, and he said it was not possible to predict the collapse in the health system in Manaus.

“You have no way of predicting what would happen with this strain that is occurring in Manaus, totally different from what had happened in the first half”, he argued.

For the president of the Regional Nursing Council of Amazonas (Coren-AM), Sandro André, this was an “announced tragedy”.

“Unfortunately, we are experiencing an announced tragedy. The Cofim / Coren system, from the beginning, we signaled that this crisis, this chaos could happen. Unfortunately, we are living and experiencing numbers never seen before in our country, and the second wave is much more devastating than the first”, he said.

This article is also available in: Português Español

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