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In view of the worsening of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in the city and the reclassification of the Municipality to the Yellow Phase of the São Paulo Plan, the City of São Paulo, through the Municipal Secretariat of Tourism, informs that “New Year’s Eve 2021”, initially announced as being exclusively virtual, was entirely canceled.

Although every precaution has been taken for the total safety of artists and professionals involved, as determined by the health protocols, with this measure, the city of São Paulo hopes to emphasize the importance of maintaining social distance and preventive measures against COVID-19 during the holidays.

The resources initially allocated to artistic contracting will be used for a joint action between the Municipal Secretariats of Culture and Tourism with a focus on artistic activities to raise public awareness about health care in front of COVID-19.

The Municipal Secretariat of Tourism will encourage other forms of promoting tourism in the city of São Paulo that are safe and in accordance with the new health guidelines of the pandemic of COVID-19.


Law 17.301 in defense of the LGBT community, which reaffirms thecommitment of the municipality of São Paulo to inclusion and respect for diversity and punishes LGBTphobic acts, is competing for the Poc Awards 2020 in the category “They who fight”. To vote, just enter this link.

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