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The production with gay plot My Policeman, which will be starring Harry Styles (27) in the role of Tom, already has the actor who will make the romantic pair with him: David Dawson (38), as Patrick.

David Dawson will play Patrick
David Dawson will play Patrick – Reproduction

The story is based on the eponymous book released in 2012 and written by Bethan Roberts. Taking place in the 1950s, the plot revolves around Tom, who is married to a woman, Marion, but his real passion is Patrick. The three live in a love triangle.

Who will live Marion, the wife of the character of Harry Styles, will be the actress Emma Corrin, who gained notoriety recently for playing Princess Diana in the series “The Crown”.

Amazon Studios bought the rights to the film, which assumes that the work should go straight to streaming without going through theaters. No release date has been announced yet.


Launched in 2012, “My Policeman” takes place in Brighton, England, and tells the story of Tom Burgess, a gay policeman. Marion, a teacher, unaware of Burgess’s sexual orientation, ends up falling in love with him, and so does Patrick, who works in a museum.

Due to the social pressure of the time, Tom and Marion end up getting married, although his true love is Patrick. At one point, Marion begins to distrust her husband’s true feelings.

The book received good press notes, being considered a “fluid” story in which we started and we no longer want to stop reading. In addition, even though it is a fiction, it portrays a historical period and has a “solid structure”, giving the impression that that narrative could happen.

In England, homosexual relationships were considered crimes until 1967. In 2016, British Secretary of Justice Sam Gyimah argued that it is very important to give “forgiveness” to people who have been convicted of “sexual crimes”, since today

This article is also available in: Português Español

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