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The Canadian artist Alanis Morissette announced a concert date in São Paulo. The singer will perform on November 14, 2023, at the Allianz Parque. This will be the artist’s only performance in South America. On the 17th, Morissette will be performing in Mexico.

Alanis will bring to Brazil the 25th-anniversary celebration tour of the album “Jagged Little Pill“, bringing tracks like “Ironic“, “You Oughta Know“, “Hand in My Pocket” and “You Learn” on the set list.

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Tickets for the public will go on sale on June 22nd on the Eventim website. Santander‘s customers will have the opportunity to secure their tickets in advance during the pre-sale on June 20th and 21st. Ticket prices will be from R$225 to R$380 for half-price tickets and from R$450 to R$760 for full-price tickets.

This is the first time the singer has returned to Brazil in 12 years. In 2012, Alanis performed as part of the tour for her then-new album “Havoc and Bright Lights” in São Paulo, Curitiba, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Belém, and Goiânia.

The negotiations for the show took more than a year.We’ve been wanting to do this tour celebrating the album for a while. We’ve been chasing this show. It almost happened in May. […] This is the album with the most hits, and it’s a very important show.“, Said Alexandre Faria, president of Live Nation, in an interview with Uol‘s Splash.


Alanis Morissette in Brazil

When: November 14, 2023
Where: Allianz Parque – Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 1705, Água Branca
Tickets on the Eventim website

Ticket Prices:
Pista Premium: R$ 380 (half)/R$ 760 (full-price)
Pista: R$ 275 (half)/R$ 550 (full-price)
Lower-level seats: R$ 320 (half)/R$ 640 (full-price)
Upper-level seats: R$ 225 (half)/R$ 450 (full-price)

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