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The drag queen Pabllo Vittar performed, on March 25, on the stage of the Lollapalooza show and, before ending her presentation, took a red flag with the picture of former president Lula stamped on it.

Pabllo Vittar campaigns for Lula during a show at Lollapalooza and shouts

In addition, the singer also made an “L” with her hand at other moments of the show and also shouted “Fora, Bolsonaro”, cheered by the audience.

Pabllo has already shown support for Lula at several times and, previously, said in an interview with Splash that she would like to sing at his inauguration, if he is elected president of the republic.

Artists positioning themselves is a must. It is the influence of good against evil. God willing, I’ll be in Lula’s possession. I want to receive the formal invitation! I will sing in a beautiful red dress”, she said.

During the interview, the artist also made a point of talking about the importance of the former president in her life: “He doesn’t know, but he was part of my childhood and my life. I grew up with Bolsa Família, in the MST, projects that he provided. It’s a reference for me. I strongly believe in the change he can bring, with a lot of faith and wisdom“.

In the 2018 presidential elections, Pabllo Vittar was the victim of a series of fake news that associated his image with PT. As an example, images and texts pointing to the artist as a vice-presidential candidate alongside Lula.

Pabllo believes that history must repeat itself in the 2022 elections, but she is not scared. “Without a doubt, [os ataques] will happen because the government uses this as a weapon to promote itself. But I’m not afraid because next year is Lula. I am very happy that we will get out of this hellhole”, she finished.

It is worth mentioning that during the last song of the show, “K.O”, the microphone sound unexpectedly stopped for a few seconds, which ended up disrupting the performance. She waved her hand doubtfully, but eventually returned to normal.

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