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The actor Chris Evans is among the trends on Twitter this Saturday, 12. The Captain Americaactor shared in his Stories, on Instagram, a screen recording where he was playing a guessing game with his brother, Scott Evans. As soon as the video was over, the recording showed for a few seconds Chris’ photo gallery. One of the small pictures, that seemed to be taken informally in the dark, showed a male genital.

chris evans nude

It was also possible to see that the actor keeps 2532 pictures and 602 videos on his cell phone, an iPhone. At the moment, the device was at 10% of the battery level.

Chris Evans asks Paul Rudd about the size of his penis

Not at the end of June, the actor Chris Evans made a very indiscreet question related to Paul Rudd’s penis during an interview made in the special “Actors on Actors”, from Variety magazine. During the conversation, Evan asked about a third Ant-man movie. Right after, the most peculiar question came:

“I can also ask what is your salary. I don’t know. Paul, what is the size of your penis?” After laughing, Rudd answered – “It is even bigger than my salary”.

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